A new hit song on the blockchain is making waves, with a music video released exclusively on Etherdelta.

The “donna zuckerberg” is a song that was released on the NFT platform. The song has been described as “Twisted Sister” and has achieved over 20,000 plays in less than 24 hours.

Zuckerberg’s Sister Drops

Randi Zuckerberg, Mark Zuckerberg’s younger sister, has stepped in to inject some excitement to NFT Twitter with an unusual version of Twisted Sister’s rebellious song, “We’re not going to take it.”

Zuckerberg marches through the video, oblivious to its sarcastic overtones, gesticulating wildly while belting out the lyrics “We’re all going to make it,” in an idea that can only have come from a drunken night at karaoke. In fact, it’s a clever play on the song’s original title.

Randi’s effort to connect with the NFT community has been met with significant skepticism as she prances around the probably self-financed film, donning a jacket branded with a “NFT” theme and spitting out NFT-related cliches in place of the original lyrics.

I’m not sure whether Mark Zuckerberg’s sister is working on an NFT song yet.

— March 4, 2022, Matty (@DCLBlogger)

The video is a jumble of rapid special effects and exaggerated crazy grins. All the while, taking all of the intensity and strength from the original rock anthem and replacing it with what the community considers to be a level of cringe-worthyness not seen since a slew of narcissistic celebrities recorded a terrible copy of John Lennon’s Imagine in 2002.

The video has been received with virtually universal surprise since its release into the Twitter vacuum, with many perplexed folks looking in amazement while mouthing the one syllable word, “Why?”

We recommend that you listen to the original Twisted Sister song in its entirety:



The “Twisted Sister” is a song by the sister of Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. The song was released on October 11th and has been receiving significant attention due to its NFTs. Reference: music nfts.

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