Zed Run may be the next big thing in crypto gaming. The game is currently running a public beta test, and it will soon become available on Steam as well as mobile app stores for iOS and Android devices. ZedRun promises that players can earn up to 20% of revenues from their games by playing them regularly

The “Zed Run Reveals Plans for Native Utility Token” is a news article that discusses the plans of Zed Run, a decentralized gaming platform. The project’s native utility token will be used to purchase items and services within the platform.

Zed Run Reveals Plans for Native Utility Token

Zed Run, the digital horse racing powerhouse, has outlined its ambitions for the year ahead as a spectacular start to 2022. A racehorse retirement feature, asset renting, and the much-anticipated Zed Run utility coin are among the highlights.

Zed Run has teamed up with Republic’s tokenomics experts to achieve its native token aspirations, and the two will usher in a new age of horse racing-themed adventures. The launch is expected to happen in Q1 2022, with a large airdrop to longtime platform supporters to begin things off.

The airdrop will deliver an undisclosed amount of tokens to Zed Run stable owners, with the number of horses held, breed type, and length of ownership all influencing the quantity of tokens received. After the tokenomics have been dispersed, the team will begin embedding them into Zed Run’s distant reaches.

The first will happen soon after the launch and will let stable owners to join races using the token. Then, in the second quarter, Zed Run will launch an asset retirement mechanism, allowing owners to “retire” (pumps guns) non-genesis horses in return for tokens. The network will subsequently include a loan mechanism, allowing new members to “borrow” unsold genesis horses from the official Zed Run stable.

The blueprint you’ve been waiting for, ZEDHeadz, is finally here. @SolidRob85 and I have been collaborating with the @V H Studio crew to stoke excitement and establish the tone for ZED RUN 2022. pic. twitter.com/HqTUwsEvoo

December 30, 2021 — Chris Laurent (@iamchrislaurent)

Zed Run is also redesigning the class structure, creating a party mode, and adding daily and seasonal leader boards, in addition to all of the above.

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