A new company called Yuga Labs is preparing to launch a blockchain-powered game, with the luxury of striking up collaborations with other developers. The project started in March, and now has an alpha that shows promise for what will be one of the first major games on this platform.

Yuga Labs will launch its first Otherside tech demo after a series of productive stress tests involving thousands of concurrent users. It will provide fans with their first look at what this most recent metaversal adventure has in store for them.

The historic occasion, known as the “First Trip,” will take place on July 16 at Noon ET and is available to owners of the now-famous Otherside NFT collection. Within its confines, Yuga Labs and its development partner, Improbable, have worked together to provide a unique atmosphere where enthusiastic volunteers may get to work.

Voyagers, we can’t wait for this Saturday, July 16, at noon ET to see the First Trip tech demo. The purpose of this demo, as its name suggests, is to showcase the Otherside platform’s technological prowess. Here’s a sneak preview of what to anticipate at the occasion:

— OthersideMeta, July 12, 2022 (@OthersideMeta)

“Voyagers” may use the abilities to walk, run, leap, and emote as they connect with their fellow citizens as they explore this wondrous new planet. As a consequence, you can experience complete spatial audio and real-time voice chat while watching thousands of players engage using the practical Chrome browser.

Anyone who participates in these testing chances and contributes to the platform’s development will be given the title of Voyager, according to sources. then become eligible to earn a second free NFT in return for their work.

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