The Yield Guild Games Network has just smashed its major milestone of onboarding over 20,000 Axie Infinity scholars. The team is now focused on fostering a community where all gamers can learn, compete and do good at the same time!

The “yield guild games axie scholarship” is a virtual currency that can be earned by playing the game Axie Infinity. The “yield guild games axie scholarship” will help students pay for college tuition.

Yield Guild Games Network Smashes Major Milestone to Onboard Over 20,000 Axie Infinity Scholars…


With rising scholarship demand, the Yield Guild Games (YGG) network has risen dramatically.

YGG already has over 20,000 Axie Infinity academics, a new high for the play-to-earn industry. The YGG DAO has also admitted 1,000 scholars into a new football-themed NFT game called CyBall, increasing the total number of YGG scholars to 20,700. YGG’s regional subDAOs, YGG SEA (YGG Southeast Asia) and OLA GG (YGG Latin America), have likewise increased their scholarship base across a variety of games.


YGG SEA has a total of 4,854 scholars, some of whom participate in numerous games. The following is a list of YGG SEA academics who are involved in each game:

  • 4,854 Axie Infinity
  • 861 WonderHero
  • 462 StarSharks
  • Thetan Arena has a capacity of 30 people.

Axie Infinity is now being played by approximately 1,800 academics at OLA GG.

YGG’s dedication to providing its users with game assets that enable them to earn rewards for their time and talent invested in-game is strengthened by this accomplishment.

“This is only the first of many YGG milestones that we want to attain.” We’ve significantly increased our organizational commitment in our “Game Ops” department, which serves as a link between the games we work with and our guild members.” YGG’s Global Chief Operating Officer, Colin Goltra.

“We’ve been growing the team with new hiring, new processes and automations, and new community initiatives like our “Game Ambassador” and “Game Tester” programs,” says the company. In terms of expanding our bandwidth, we’ve already seen effects. We will be able to speed up the onboarding of scholars as a result of this, and we will be able to complete the vast list of scholars who have yet to get access to our games. Our regional subDAOs — YGG SEA, IndiGG, and OLA GG — also play a critical role in ensuring that the world’s hardest-to-reach populations have access to opportunities,” he said.

Despite the fact that the price of SLP, Axie Infinity’s in-game reward token, has dropped, scholarship demand has remained high inside the guild. The total number of Axie Infinity academics in the YGG DAO has risen by 203 percent, rising from 6,600 in November 2021 to 20,000 in February 2022. Despite the guild’s efforts to keep up with demand, there is still a lengthy queue of academics waiting to be accepted.

YGG academics cultivated over 26.4 million SLP in February 2022, representing a 57 percent growth over January 2022. Given the structure of YGG’s scholarship model, where 70% of all SLP shared goes to the scholar, 20% goes to the Scholarship Manager, and 10% goes to the guild, scholars got more than 18.4 million SLP.

YGG has started a scholarship program in CyBall, in addition to Axie Infinity scholarships, as a step toward its objective of offering additional scholarships in other games. The guild aims to continue providing Web3 instruction and community support to each scholar as they explore gaming as a potential source of extra income.


CyBall is a new cyborg-themed soccer game in which players may acquire, trade, mentor, and combat CyBloc characters. The game offers several play-to-earn features as well as an in-game NFT lending system called CyLoans, where players may earn CBT tokens.

Scholarship slots in YGG’s CyBall scholarship program are now filled, however new scholarships will be available shortly and posted on each guild’s Discord. Yield Guild Games hopes to strengthen its position in the play-to-earn market by offering more possibilities to its community via this new scholarship program.

The YGG whitepaper may be found here if you want to learn more about the company. For future updates, join the YGG Discord or follow us on Twitter.

The “axie infinity managers looking for scholars” is a major milestone that the Yield Guild Games Network has achieved. The network has onboarded over 20,000 axie infinity scholars.

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