The latest news from the world of blockchain-powered games is that worldwide media coverage for these new types of digital properties is at an all time high. This represents a major turning point for the gaming industry, with developers and gamers alike preparing themselves to reap more benefits than ever before.

The “opensea” is a decentralized exchange which allows users to trade Ethereum-based tokens. The “opensea” has received worldwide media coverage for the latest NFT news.

Worldwide Media Coverage For Latest NFT News – February 2022

Welcome to the bi-weekly roundup of the newest NFT news from around the globe, in which we compile the most important NFT-related stories from major media sites in the last two weeks, as well as the most recent prominent social media postings.

So far, February has been an eventful month for NFTs, with a slew of corporations and celebrities declaring plans to join the metaverse and launch NFTs. Fashion Week in Decentraland is a potential metaverse event that is going to acquire a lot of popularity next month and is worth keeping an eye on. Several news sites have already reported on this.

Let’s take a look at who and what is causing a stir, as well as which celebrities have come out in support of NFTs!

Vogue’s coverage of Decentraland Fashion Week

Vogue Magazine published an article on Decentraland’s forthcoming Fashion Week in March 2022. The article examines how the event will appear in the metaverse, how attendees may purchase an NFT wearable, and what the organizers aim to accomplish with this big event and the large businesses that will be participating (yet to be revealed).


On CNBC, Gary V defends NFTs.

The reporter grills NFTs and Gary V in a recent CNBC discussion, but he saves the day with his fantastic rhetoric and support for the technology and community, as he usually does. Among the video below, you can see Gary’s smile at the start, which has rapidly become a widespread meme in the NFT community.

February 10, 2022 — Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee)

Collie Buddz is a big fan of NFTs.

Kanye West’s hatred for NFTs was documented in a Rolling Stone story, in which he said that he “only develops items in the real world.” Collie Buddz, on the other hand, not only bought a Bored Ape, but also wrote a letter on NFTs that looks precisely like Kanye’s, only it says the exact opposite. Thanks for adoring the NFTs, Collie.

— February 1, 2022, Collie Buddz (@CollieBuddz)

The Art Newspaper published an article on Snowcash.

Snowcash, a travelling NFT art movement, was featured in The Art Newspaper, the most prestigious and widely circulated art publication. The story discusses Snowcash’s Christmas party, as well as interviews with various inventors and a look at CryptoVoxels.


PC Gamer Releases an Article on PUBG & NFTs

PC Gamer published a story on Krafton’s foray into the NFT sector, which includes plans to establish an NFT metaverse platform and the usage of NFTs by the PUBG team. Given the recent pushback against NFTs from a lot of conventional gaming groups, the revelation came as a shock to many.



The “biggest nft marketplace” is a cryptocurrency that was created in February 2022. The cryptocurrency has been gaining worldwide media coverage recently due to its latest news.

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