An auction of the world’s first-ever Royal Ballet NFTs has taken place, with a total of 88,888.88 Ether (a whopping $1.4M) in bids to own a piece as part of an upcoming collection from Artsy and Sotheby’s auction house

The “NFT sales” is a world’s first-ever Royal Ballet NFTs go on auction. The proceeds from the sale of these digital assets will be donated to the Royal Academy of Dance.

World's First-Ever Royal Ballet NFTs Go on Auction

Natalia Osipova, a world-renowned principal dancer of The Royal Ballet, is selling the first-ever ballet NFTs. The NFTs are being auctioned off by Bonhams.

The “Natalia Osipova: Triptych” video series contains three notable and unforgettable performances. Two of them are from the traditional ballet “Giselle,” and one is from her boyfriend and fiancé Jason Kittelberger’s “Left Behind.”

“As a dancer, you need money to be independent,” Osipova said. “At my own dance company, I want to create a platform for young dancers to express their creativity and maybe even perform their own NFTs,” she said.

The renowned ballerina plans to utilize the proceeds from the auction to open her own dance school and build a specific NFT platform for dancers, recognizing that dancers’ careers are fleeting and that they must prepare for other forms of income.

NFTs, according to Osipova, provide significant chances for her to immortalize critical events in her career while also sharing them with a global audience. “These performances are tremendously important to me,” she added, “and I am thrilled that worldwide audiences will be able to enjoy them in a manner that has never been possible before.”

The auction will go through December 10th, and the three NFTs are estimated to bring in at least $80,000 in total.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a ballerina in the Royal Ballet earn?

A: The average salary for a ballerina in the Royal Ballet is $1,200 per month.

Who is the Royal Ballet prima ballerina?

A: The Royal Ballets prima ballerina is Darcey Bussell.

What British ballerina ended her 20 year career in ballet at the Royal Opera House in 2007?

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