In the world of LAND, there are two types of people: those who sell their soul for power and those who search in a distant land for mysteries to solve. Based on this premise, Decentraland produced an MMORPG adventure game called Wilderness that immerses players in new worlds full of magic and mystery. The developer released its first playable experience so far last week at Unity’s Unite conference.

The “decentraland land owners” is a new type of crypto that allows users to purchase and own virtual land on the decentralized platform. This land can then be used as a location for their in-game adventures.

Wilderness – MMORPG Adventure Arrives in the Heart of Decentraland

Massive oaks sprout from little acorns, and a mighty MMORPG has grown from a single planted concept in Decentraland, allowing vanquishers of mythological monsters to ply their trade in the metaverse and get genuine benefits for their efforts.

A proposal was made to the Decentraland DAO in late November to establish a terrifying battle arena in the decentralized metaverse. Wilderness was born from this holy vision, and it took the form of a highly involved mystical fight with epic gameplay and P2E economics.

The game has developed in leaps and bounds since then, including a broad variety of immersive elements. None more so than the recent introduction of $WLDY, the game’s native utility coin. Gamers may now earn real money, which they can exchange for in-game things and wearables, or freely sell on an external exchange.

How Can a Wizard Make Money in the Wilderness?

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— Decentraland’s Wilderness: Play 2 Earn (@wildernessp2e) on May 4, 2022

The feature that distinguishes Wilderness leagues from all others is that participation is absolutely free. Simply enter Decentraland and begin viciously slaughtering your opponents in the magical arena to begin earning.

Later on, Wilderness plans to implement a fully decentralized DAO governance framework. An outstanding organization that will determine every major facet of the game democratically, including the ability to reform the whole leadership system and remove individuals who do not behave in the game’s best interests.

Wilderness intends to grow into a complete social ecology in the future. Those who prefer a more serene lifestyle may spend their days baking, farming, or blacksmithing, since these activities play an important part in the economy. Next, Wilderness will have a massive NFT sale, with full Decentraland compatibility on all in-game wearables.

So, what do you have to lose? Go earn some tasty bucks!

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Decentraland is a platform that allows users to create their own virtual worlds. The game Wilderness has just arrived in the heart of Decentraland and players can now explore the vast world of adventure. Reference: decentraland coordinates.

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