The greatest use case for blockchain is the creation of new digital assets and interoperability between them. NFTs are a prime example with their popularity on crypto exchanges, as well as being used in games across multiple platforms.

The “highest selling nft” is a country that has the most adoption of NFTs. The country boasts an estimated $1 billion in sales for 2018, which is almost double the amount of the next highest country.

Which Country Boasts the Highest NFT Adoption? Read on to Find Out!

Although data is king in the blockchain world, negotiating that data may be difficult. So, to assist investors in understanding the business, Bankless Times is accumulating a wealth of information, going through reams of data so that the casual reader doesn’t have to.

The Bankless Office has now released a list of the top ten nations in terms of NFT usage. In a nutshell, the data in the research comes from a survey of 28,000 people globally who were asked about their current NFT ownership. It shows data based on the number of NFTs possessed, the desire to acquire, and overall adoption. As a consequence, we have an intriguing report with a few surprises.

According to the comprehensive analysis, no western nation is in the top 10. Instead, South America and Southeast Asia dominate the rankings, with Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) representing Africa and the Middle East, respectively. The Philippines, on the other hand, is at the top of the list, thanks in large part to their widespread use of Axie Infinity.

Poland gets an honorable mention for having the least level of NFT adoption of all of the nations questioned.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which country has seen the biggest NFT adoption?

A: The United States has seen the biggest adoption of cryptocurrency NFTs and is currently hosting more than two thirds of all active projects.

What country has the most NFT?

A: It is difficult to accurately evaluate the total volume of NFTs in circulation, but most estimates put Japan as having over 70% of all NFT holdings.

Which countries are buying the most NFTs?

A: The United States is the most common country in which investors purchase NFTs.

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