The Metaverse has been around for more than 5 years, but it’s finally getting some attention. This guide will give you an overview of the major events happening in this world over the course of 3 days, with a focus on what is new and different for this year.

The “oculus venues” is a virtual reality game that is available on the Oculus Store. The game has been developed by Metaverse Team and is set to release on October 29th, 2021.

NFT family, have a wonderful Thursday! We hope you’ve all had a wonderful start to the week. It’s time to ring in the weekend with a bang, so without further ado, here are the highlights from this weekend’s metaverse activities in Decentraland, Somnium Space, and CryptoVoxels.


Music Festival in the Metaverse

When: Friday, October 29th, 12 p.m. (UTC) Where are you: 149, -60

The concerts are part of a three-day global online music event that spans numerous virtual worlds and live locations, honoring all things NFT music.


Reveal Party by the xDai Tigers

When: Saturday, October 30th, 2:00 p.m. Where are you: 38, -25

The unveiling of xDai Tigers will be celebrated with a party. Join in the fun, boast about it, and most importantly, have a fantastic time!


At the Aquarium, there will be a Halloween Fashion Show.

When: October 31 @ 12 a.m. UTC Where are -140 and 128?

It’s Halloween, which means you should put on your finest scary drip. A frightening Fashion Show will be held at the Aquarium, featuring new 4Skin Studios costumes as prizes!




Somnium Drop Scenes

Saturday, October 30th, at 21:00 CET Parcel 1346 is the location.

Marcelo Simonetti’s opinion that Somnium Space has inherent worth and is a source of inspiration is realized in the genesis collection of Scenes of Somnium, which consists of 10 original NFT art works. The event will take place in a VR/2D environment.


CypherPunks Edition of the Metaverse Music Festival

When: Saturday, October 30th @ 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time Parcel 4730 is the location.

This performance will honor decentralization’s power by holding a grassroots celebration for the community, by the community. This is the Metaverse’s Woodstock.




Champion of CryptoVoxels

Saturday, October 30th at 12:05 p.m. Where: This is where

CryptoVoxels’ daily trading statistics and visitor data.


The Opening of the Tomb of Nabi

When: October 31st at 2 a.m. Where: This is where

At the night of the living technologies, there will be limited-edition NFTs.


Launch Party for CryptoStellas

When: October 31st at 4 p.m. Where: This is where

Launch Party for CryptoStellas. The first 100 persons who register will get a free wearable. CryptoStellas is a satirical PFP initiative on OpenSea that aims to amuse folks who are fed up with lousy PFPs. It is encouraged to dance.



The “vr concerts 2020” is a virtual reality event that will take place from October 29th-October 31st, 2021. It will be taking place in the Metaverse, which is a virtual world created by the company Ingress.

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