The Web3 Music Platform tokenTraxx is launching a new NFT project that will be the first of its kind in the space. Max and his friends are thrilled over the opportunity to bring their original music, lyrics, and animations into an interactive digital format called cryptocollectibles. Traxx has made it possible with this launch for artists to make money through collaboration with brands on 3D renderings and other content geared towards marketing campaigns. Check out what they have planned here:

The “nft for music” is a tokenized asset that can be used to buy and sell music. It was created by the Web3 Music Platform TokenTraxx, who recently launched their Max Rad NFTs.

Web3 Music Platform TokenTraxx Launches Max Rad NFTs

Vinyl, cassettes, CDs, and streaming – that was the overall trip that consumers took when it came to the music business, until Web3. The blockchain is creating an entirely new route for customers and how they connect with their favorite musicians, most notably via genuine ownership of songs, as major artists such as Nas, Snoop Dogg, and Dolly Parton have previously shown.

With this in mind, TokenTraxx, a new music NFT platform with a concentration on the three most significant Cs of the music business — producers, curators, and collectors – has emerged.

TokenTraxx is on a mission to improve and democratize the delights of music by delivering an NFT-driven platform that prioritizes the community’s interests and financial advantages. To begin, the platform has teamed with Max Rad, an up-and-coming singer-songwriter, producer, and musician who will release his new tracks as an NFT collection on the TokenTraxx music marketplace.

NFT EP – Dream Big

Rad’s NFT edition is a four-track EP titled ‘Dream Big,’ which is filled with profound and emotive poetry. Let Me Think About It, Hold Fire, Dream Big, and Joy Wonder are all tracks from his upcoming album ‘Joy Wonder.’

Each track comes with 50 limited-edition NFTs with bright artwork and access to the previously unheard music, for a total of 200 digital assets. Owners of all four NFT tracks can join a community of fans who will have access to benefits such as meet and greets, secret live streamed gigs, and a VIP production music masterclass. Each NFT can be minted for 77 $MATIC (around $50), and owners of all four NFT tracks can join a community of fans who will have access to benefits such as meet and greets, secret live streamed gigs, and a VIP production music masterclass. 

Platform TokenTraxx

TokenTraxx, as previously said, aspires to create a musical center where all producers, curators, and collectors may benefit financially, musically, and socially. The platform has created a 10,000 asset ‘Guestlist’ NFT collection, as well as a native and exchange token named $TRAXX, to control such a reward scheme.

With a 350,000,000 supply, the platform hopes to use $TRAXX to extend its creators, curators, and collectors incentive scheme (which distributes tokens to users every four weeks depending on a set of criteria) to include staking, loans, royalties, streaming, and other features. 

Holders of the $TRAXX token will have the opportunity to win awards, NFT and $TRAXX airdrops, discounted gig tickets, early access to artist NFT drops, nominate artists for platform promotion, festival tickets, and attend mentoring studio sessions, award ceremonies, and VIP events with the platform’s founders. 


The platform is now in testing, with a full release scheduled for later this year. Other TokenTraxx activities in the coming months include a TraxxStemz NFT launch, the introduction of its marketplace and auction site, and the launching of the TokenTraxx Innovation Studio, all of which will help to support the complete launch. 

The platform’s relationships with Zilliqa, SORS, Polygon, and others will make such projects possible. 

The Team

TokenTraxx’s crew is as doxxed as they come. Its ‘Originators and Founders,’ who have combined worked with Kanye West, Jay Z, and Beyonce, as well as having over 20 years in the music and IT sectors, are at the helm.

The TokenTraxx team’s 31 mentioned members have a wide range of expertise and come from a number of backgrounds. That said, each member’s experience and enthusiasm is closely linked to the music business, blockchain, technology, or maybe all three. 

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