The market is finally beginning to realize that blockchain will be the next big thing, and many people are trying to figure out how they can get in on it. Waltonchain has been leading the charge for quite some time now with its grand plan of uniting all blockchains under one banner through WAX’s cross-blockchain network.,

The “WAX Launches Grand Plan to Unite the Blockchains” is a new project by WAX that will allow for cross-blockchain transactions. Read more in detail here: what are blockchains.

WAX Launches Grand Plan to Unite the Blockchains

In the realm of NFTs and play-to-earn games, cross-chain interoperability is the next major step. has stepped up its efforts in order to keep ahead of the competition.

WAX is proposing a technique of integrating several blockchains to improve the user experience and decrease the entrance barriers for new users. As a consequence, it plans to construct the world’s largest network of protocols. As a result, WAX forecasts that this will result in a great harmony in which all parties involved will gain.

WAX is constructing a very efficient bridge to the Binance Smart Chain as the first stage in this journey (BSC). This conduit will therefore allow players to easily trade between the two chains, regardless of the origin of an NFT. As a result, it is the start of a bigger network in which blockchains work together rather than against one other.

Blockchain Brawlers, a new play-to-earn beat-em-up by WAX, will be used to demonstrate this new technology. A no-holds-barred wrestling adventure based on the WAX blockchain is coming soon. On November 30, the first batch of 100 “Founders Edition” NFTs will arrive at the BSC. These assets are first visible via the WAX cloud wallet. However, complete interoperability will be achieved in early 2022, enabling asset trade across the two chains while also incurring no extra transaction costs.

Roadmap for #Blockchain Brawlers!

đŸ”¸Phase 1: @TheBinanceNFT & @WAX_io #NFT Auction đŸ”¸Phase 2: In-Game Items & #BrawlerPacks đŸ”¸Phase 3: Let The #Games Begin! (#Game Release) đŸ”¸Phase 4: #Binance Bridge to WAX

Phase 1 begins on November 30th:

November 24, 2021 — Blockchain Brawlers (@bc brawlers)

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