The latest announcement from Warner Brothers is that they will be launching a new digital trading card platform using NFT technology. The cards will span across all DC Comics properties, allowing players to create their own deck and battle against each other in the game.

The “dc hybrid trading cards by hro” is a new type of crypto collectible that combines the best of traditional physical trading cards with blockchain technology.

Warner Brothers and DC Comics Announce Hybrid Cards NFTs

Warner Brothers is launching a 6 million-card bulk collection of DC Comics Trading Cards, each containing a redeemable NFT. The duel-utility assets, dubbed ‘hybrid card packs,’ will be priced from $5 to $120 and will be produced on Ethereum side chain Immutable X.

The cards, which will depict 150 distinct superheroes, will be designed by Cartamundi, a card and board game firm. A limited number of limited-edition characters from Robert Pattinson’s upcoming film, The Batman, will be included in the DC Multiverse superhero lineup. 

When the cards are released later this month, buyers will need to use the Hro app to first redeem the NFT equivalent of their card. After gaining access to their NFT, they may trade it with all of their other assets in the same app.

“Trading cards have been a favorite of fans for decades,” Pam Lifford, president of global brands and experiences for Warner Brothers, said of the collection. Combining that passion for collecting with a one-of-a-kind NFT is just fantastic.”

The Warner Music Group has previously inked collaborations with notable industry names such as NFT gaming colossus Splinterlands, NFT music pioneers OneOf, and leading metaverse ecosystem The Sandbox, making this not the first blockchain-infused venture from the Warner label in recent years.

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Warner Brothers and DC Comics have announced the release of a new set of digital cards called “Hybrid Cards NFTs” that will allow users to own digital copies of their favorite movies. The announcement comes as part of Warner Bros.’ move into the world of blockchain technology. Reference: who owns dc movies.

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