The Walmart-backed stablecoin, dubbed “WBTC”, has filed for a trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office. The move comes ahead of the retail giant’s entrance into its own online virtual reality universe powered by blockchain technology called Metaverse.

The “sandbox metaverse” is an upcoming project by Walmart. The goal of the project is to create a virtual reality platform that will be used to sell goods and services in a simulated environment.

Walmart Kickstart Metaverse Entrance Through Trademark Filings -


Walmart’s recent trademark applications suggest that the retail behemoth intends to make significant forays into the metaverse. Not only does the Arkansas-based company seek to establish its own cryptocurrency and NFT collection, but it also hopes to provide a variety of virtual products and services to its consumers, some of which will use augmented reality and virtual reality technology.

The corporation applied for the authority to produce and sell virtual items in the fields of electronics, appliances, toys, sports equipment, home décor, fashion, and more on December 30th, causing a flurry of applications. In addition to trademark applications, the shop filed trademarks for titles including ‘Verse to Curb,’ ‘Verse to Home,’ and ‘Verse to Store.’

Despite the company’s recent applications including the development of a Walmart cryptocurrency and NFT collection, information on such topics is still quite scarce. According to reports, the business applied for the rights to use the Walmart brand inside such realities in order to promote the development of AR and VR integrated physical fitness training services, as well as health and nutrition seminars.

Walmart’s foray into the metaverse was first hinted at in August 2021, when the business advertised a job opening for a ‘Crypto Product Specialist,’ a role that would be responsible for building the company’s “digital currency strategy and product roadmap.” Since then, the retailer has launched a test program enabling customers to purchase Bitcoin at Coinstar kiosks in 200 of its locations, as well as publicly exploring the possibility of allowing customers to begin paying in cryptocurrency.

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The “walmart metaverse coin” is a cryptocurrency that was created by Walmart. The cryptocurrency will be used to enter the Metaverse, which is a virtual reality world.

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