In this post, we are excited to announce our first VoxTour! The most important thing about the tour is that it was designed by community members and artists from around the world. Our goal with our tours is not only to celebrate great works of art on voxels but also to provide a platform for people who want an opportunity to share their work through one of our sponsored sites. Stay tuned for more details in future updates as well as some exciting new features coming soon!.

VoxTours seeks to honor the foundations of its beautiful world while Voxels rides the raggedy edge of metaverse innovation by conducting a series of extravagant events honoring the pillars of the Voxels empire.

The first of these events will see a powerful fashion display descend on Vibes Island’s VoxWalk neighborhood, starting its wild festivities at 8 p.m. EST/12 a.m. UTC on July 1. Following that, it will erupt into a lavish evening of elegant attire, live music, intense competition, and grand prizes.

VoxTours #metaverse: Upcoming Fashion Show! Created your own avatars? The top 3 winners will get cash (in stable tokens) as rewards!

Your mission: Impress the judges @hyperspek @Metacat007 & @themetaversedao 🤫

When: July 1st, 8 p.m. EST, 12 a.m. UTC

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June 21, 2022 — Voxels (@cryptovoxels)

The most imposing presence will win a cool $500 for their efforts, while those in second and third place will receive $200 and $100, respectively. Those with an eye for personal adornments may showcase their talents on the runway. Fill out the required paperwork, add your name to the guest list, dress to impress, and walk the voxelized catwalk to participate.

Furthermore, professional DJs will play a pulsing soundtrack to further enhance the splendor of the events. The venue provider, Hyperspek, as well as the prize suppliers, MetaCat and MetaverseDAO, will all offer great entertainment for participants as well as free wearables.

Prepare the happy clothes for the first of many VoxTours parties to come in the Voxels universe.

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