VooVoo is a new platform that lets people trade and create their own non-fungible tokens without programming. The trading experience will be fast, simple, secure, and anonymous with no middlemen taking any percentage of the value. This article discusses how VOOVOO could revolutionize the world of digital collectibles

VooVoo is a company that has just launched a new platform called “voovoo nft” which allows users to trade and create NFTs.

VooVoo Launches Security-Laden NFT Trading and Creation Platform

VooVoo, an innovative non-fungibles platform, opened its doors to the public over the weekend, bringing with it a complete ecosystem of high-quality non-fungibles from a network of reliable providers.

The first drop of VooVoo’s NFT journey included a certified Banksy artwork fractionalized into 4,900 pieces. Last February, the artwork was auctioned in a hugely successful campaign that garnered immediate attention to the company’s burgeoning blockchain empire. They’ve now cleaned up their Zilliqa-affiliated platform and released it to the general public.

Create, Buy, Sell, and Collect #NFTs on the VooVoo Marketplace, which launches on April 24th. #Nft #NFTCommunity #nftcollectors #Solana #OpenSeaNFT #NFTshill #NFTcollection # pic.twitter.com/gPFlmdbrkP pic.twitter.com/gPFlmdbrkP

April 10, 2022 — VooVoo | NFT (@VooVooNFT)

The brave team will offer a range of legally licensed items using its innovative Solana-developed infrastructure. There, VooVoo’s comprehensive safety measures are used to verify and certify the trustworthiness of a number of prominent companies and personalities from the entertainment and athletic industries.

Verified projects will also get zero mint costs and access to an attractive user interface that will enable producers to mint, sell, and collect NFTs using just a smartphone. This will allow people to effortlessly create content no matter where they are.

To contribute to the platform’s trustworthiness, VooVoo has constructed an in-built review mechanism to assure NFT authenticity. It has also released its own utility token to power a rewards system, as well as accepting fiat payments through its high-security VooWallet.


VooVoo has launched a new service that allows users to trade and create NFT tokens. The platform is secured with the use of the solana blockchain. Reference: solana nft token.

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