Vivid Labs, a blockchain-powered startup that provides NFTs for Shopify merchants, has launched its first product. The new development comes amid the recent ICO boom and other projects in the space who are looking to bring blockchain into mainstream retail by offering consumers alternative ways of paying.

Vivid Labs has launched Hi-Tech NFTs for Shopify Merchants. The new product allows users to sell their digital assets on the platform.

Vivid Labs Launches Hi-Tech NFTs for Shopify Merchants

Vivid Labs, a leader in next-generation NFT, has announced a new relationship with Shopify, the world’s largest e-commerce platform. They’ll provide the platform’s 1.7 million merchants the tools they need to incorporate powerful multimedia NFTs into their goods.

In order to do this, the team has released VIVID NFT on the Shopify App Store. A useful application that allows traders to establish, manage, and sell a variety of NFTs on the Shopify Plus platform, providing Shopify Plus members access to the NFT world. Non-fungible tokens will now be available to a whole new set of customers as a result of this shift.

ICYMI: The @VividLabsHQ x @Shopify partnership has been revealed! Shopify Plus merchants that are qualified for #VIVID will be able to generate and sell #NFTs on their Shopify site.

Join our Discord channel right now to learn why this is such significant news!

— February 18, 2022, Vivid Labs – previously VideoCoin (@VividLabsHQ)

Vivid Labs’ cutting-edge technology underpins the whole process, allowing for long-lasting and adaptable tokens, as well as NFT vessels that can hold numerous assets that traders may add to over time. These NFTs may represent a broad variety of digital media, including photos, video, and music, as well as blockchain-certified physical products, all while benefitting from DRM and decentralized storage. As a result, owing to system limits, NFTs will never disappear or break.

Natural Selection, a snowboarding organization, recently unveiled Vivid Labs’ great new technology by handing out NFTs with artwork, 3D courses, films, and physical posters during their most recent contest.

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