The Technological Industry has been in a constant state of evolution. The way we think about our reality is constantly changing and adapting to new possibilities that arise from these changes. VISIV wants to be at the forefront of this change by using blockchain technology as an innovative tool for transforming industries and solving problems with ease.

The “nft collectibles” is a new project from the company VISIV. The project aims to innovate the techno industry with its own digital collectible cards, which are called NFTs.

VISIV Looks to the Metaverse and NFTs to Innovate the Techno Industry

VISIV, an intriguing new music concept, will seek to blur the barriers between techno and the metaverse later in March. Visitors from Texas will join the fray through a digital gateway during NFTs’ upcoming “The Future is Now” event, while fans will be able to take home a piece of the action.

On March 19, VISIV will host a revolutionary event in Paris, including an evening of excellent music from a variety of prominent DJs. Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Blawan, and Helena Hauff are among the artists that will perform at the event. VISAV will also create a virtual gateway from the SXSW convention in Texas, allowing EDM lovers to participate from afar.


00Of all the skulls, this carbon-based one is the most durable. His armor can resist any weapon, providing excellent protection for his owner while also being scary. Some claim it may even be utilized to attack when in a life-threatening situation.

March 7, 2022 — VISIV (@visivtechno)

Several special NFTs will be available during the big event, with the purpose of giving artists with an extra money stream during these tough times. As a result, fans may choose from three different NFT kinds.

To begin, VISIV will assign a single NFT to each artist in attendance, from which fans will be able to purchase fractionalized components. Following that, there will be a selection of seven designs based on the VIVIV famous skull emblem, all of which will serve as metaverse wearables and skins with future use. Finally, a factionalized artwork representing the complete VISIV experience will be created.

As techno returns to its technical origins, it will merge with blockchain, resulting in incredible results.

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