To help drive innovation in the world of non-fungible tokens, Visa has launched a new Creator Program to give developers access to tools and expertise. The program is open globally and will also feature an Airdrop next month that rewards developers for creating unique use cases with NFTs.

The “nfts art” is a new product from Visa that allows users to create their own cryptocurrency. The company has announced the launch of the program to a global audience.

Visa Rolls Out NFT Creator Program to a Global Audience

Visa, a financial behemoth, has pledged to assist small companies in realizing the promise of NFTs. To that end, it is introducing the Creator Program, which will give industry assistance and mentoring.

Visa hopes to create a worldwide community of creative pioneers using non-fungible tokens to propel their enterprises during the course of the one-year initiative. As a consequence, the team will strive to bolster its ranks with digitally minded artists, singers, filmmakers, and fashion designers. However, it will first go through a rigorous screening process to guarantee that the candidates are qualified.

The Creator Program is a follow-up to a similar, but smaller, program that began in October. Micah Johnson, a former basketball player and current NFT entrepreneur, devised an ingenious approach. Micah will return this time, along with a number of industry specialists, to take the program worldwide.

Creators like @Micah_Johnson3 are at the forefront of NFTs. His work with Visa is an exciting introduction to the Visa Creator Program, a global opportunity for digital creators & artists looking to deepen their understanding of NFT commerce. Learn more:

30 March 2022 — Visa (@Visa)

According to Visa, the digital creative economy currently generates more over $100 billion each year. As a result, we may conclude that NFTs will play a significant role in future development and will be the next important step in the e-commerce business. As a consequence, Visa will work to make the purchase of digital output as straightforward as any other Visa transaction.

Go to the Visa website and fill up an application to be considered for the accelerator program. The organization will then choose the best candidates and fulfill their non-fungible desires.

Apply for the Creator Program >> Here


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