One of the most important changes in the automotive industry will be achieved through blockchain-powered NFTs on top of Ethereum. With this technology, cars can become more secure and efficient with a decentralized network to share data among vehicles. This innovative project is partnered with WazirX, an online cryptocurrency market that allows people to buy and sell virtual goods securely.

The NFT certification system that Vincenzo Sospiri Racing (VSR), a GT racing team sponsored by Lamborghini, has built around each component of its vehicle, aims to change how racing cars are designed and maintained.

The program will see VSR convert the various components of their automobiles into NFTs in collaboration with NFT platform Go2NFT in order to monitor their performance and admin-related characteristics throughout the course of their lifetimes. The racing team believes that by doing this, it can improve its car’s performance on the track while also lowering expenses.

Former Italian racer and current member of the VSR team Vincenzo Sospiri said the following about the novel idea: 

In order to monitor performance and verify provenance, we must be able to authenticate and audit every component of our racing fleet in a secure manner. To guarantee that we maintain the highest levels of quality, we are eager to test a program with Go2NFT and the esteemed team at Skey Network to create NFT certification across our automobiles and other goods. 

Additionally, VSR aims to expand the use of blockchain technology beyond the performance of its automobiles by launching an NFT certification program for its other items, such apparel, to guarantee that its fans have a higher degree of confidence when engaging with its online and physical shops.

The program, which is now just a “pilot,” will be officially launched at a later time. Check out this page for a graphic explanation of the idea.