It’s not every day that one of the world’s most iconic cities announces a new attraction in your digital garden, but when Las Vegas decided to create an amazing golf course visitors are sure to make it their favorite part of visit. There is nothing quite like playing on a virtual greenspace while wearing VR goggles and headphones, or even taking home some tokens as souvenirs.

The “genesis city decentraland” is a new virtual reality game that has been created by the Vegas City. The game is set in a world where there are no rules, and players can create their own cities and build on them.

Vegas City Announces Amazing Golf Course in Decentraland

The news that golf is coming to Decentraland has given ball and stick aficionados a huge boost today. Players will soon have a legitimate excuse to dress their golf-themed accessories and compete at the highest level while doing so.

Decentraland is a fully playable golf course that will be arriving in Vegas City’s Sports Quarter soon, allowing enthusiastic competitors to show off their putting skills for everyone to see. The initial version takes the form of a classic putting green, where players may put their talents to the test in a peaceful, decentralized setting.

The gameplay mechanics mimic a disembodied club, with players controlling striking power and angle while also adjusting for the carefully shaped ground. Obstacles will, however, obstruct progress, much like they do in actual golf.

Let’s introduce golf to the #metaverse — it’s coming to Vegas City’s Sports Quarter shortly. #VegasCity @decentraland @DecentralGames @BarrySilbert @zed run

December 9, 2021 — Vegas City (@VegasCityDCL)

This brand new custom Vegas Metropolis golf course will offer a fantastic new dimension to Decentraland’s athletic environment, giving a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the main city, as well as an exciting new sporting venue and, perhaps, future contests.

Like genuine golf, but without the hassle of having to go outdoors, walk, or pay high green fees. And, ideally, a golf cart will add a bit more turmoil to the mix down the road. Keeps an eye on the Vegas City Twitter account for updates.


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“Decentraland pics” is a NFT that allows users to view the amazing golf course in Vegas City. The golf course has been constructed by the team at Decentraland. Reference: decentraland pics.

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