In partnership with Johnnie Walker, the VeeFriends blockchain social media platform is offering free whisky to NFT holders. This highly anticipated release of tokens has set a new bar for creativity and innovation in utility-backed crypto releases.

VeeFriends and Johnnie Walker Supply Spirited Gift to NFT Holders

Gary Vee’s desired NFT initiative, VeeFriends, has teamed with world-renowned scotch whisky company Johnnie Walker. Although a cooperation between a custom spirit label and a collection of hand-draw animal figure NFTs may seem off-brand at first (for both sides), the connection is made possible by the VeeFriends’ sub-collection, the ‘Gift Goats,’ which has an almost endless scope. 

The 555 VeeFriends ‘Gift Goat’ NFTs provide their owners 6 actual presents every year over a 3-year period, as those in the know are already aware. Gary Vee and his creative team have 18 options to cooperate with appropriate partners to bring unique usefulness to such holders under this plan. As you would expect, Johnnie Walker is the latest in a long line of such collaborations. 

Bottles of Johnnie Walker whisky will be the subject of the presents. The bottles will be a limited edition of Walker’s most famed variety, ‘Johnnie Walker Blue,’ and will come with a VeeFriends logo, Gift Goat mascot, and a number from 1 to 555 printed on it, to match the fairly pricey mint price of a VeeFriends NFTs. 

VaynerNFT, the NFT branch of Gary Vee’s creative media firm ‘VaynerX,’ and DIAGO, Johnnie Walker’s Web3-adopting parent business, secured the alliance. “This cooperation is an actual example of how one of the world’s top companies can step into Web3 to celebrate community and culture while remaining committed to its principles,” Avery Akkineni, President of VaynerNFT, said of the collaboration. This is a fantastic illustration of the potential of partnerships that NFTs can bring to life for the world’s most well-known companies and innovators.”