UNICEF has teamed up with gaming company Neuroware to create a unique interactive experience that brings its most important mission, bringing Internet connectivity and healthcare to children in the developing world.

The “nft sales” is a digital asset that can be used to donate or purchase goods and services. The UNICEF NFTs are a way of bringing internet connectivity to the world’s children by using blockchain technology.

UNICEF NFTs Bring Internet Connectivity to the World’s Children

The UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) has announced their largest ever NFT auction. The revenues will be used to assist disadvantaged children throughout the world have access to the internet.

A collection of 1000 “Patchwork Kingdoms” NFTs will be added to the Ethereum network in January. Each was created using real-world data from the Giga project, a worldwide effort to link every school on the earth to the internet. Nadieh Bremer, a data scientist and artist, altered the photographs to create an aesthetically stunning collection.

Each NFT depicts a moment in time when Giga was at a certain point in its endeavor. A digital record of the project’s progress, as well as a harsh reminder of how much work remains, underlining the mammoth job of connecting the world’s projected 1.3 billion unconnected children using cutting-edge technologies including low-orbit satellites, machine learning, and the blockchain.

To commemorate UNICEF’s 75th anniversary, we’re going to launch 1,000 #NFTs.

@NadiehBremer’s artwork is based on data from our open-source map. Collectors will establish a community that will aid with the internet connection of every school.

More information may be found at https://t.co/G3TYkKbjYH pic.twitter.com/98SFLbhEpI

10 December 2021 — Giga (@Gigaconnect)

UNICEF, the Ethereum Foundation, Snowcrash Labs, CfC St Moritz, Metagood, and Wondros collaborated on the Patchwork Kingdoms initiative. It will be released on the 75th anniversary of the children’s charity’s inception.

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