Ultra, the world’s first decentralized platform for gamers and developers to build on, has announced its ICO. By integrating blockchain technologies with a smart contract ecosystem and digital assets store, Ultra positions itself as an effective tool in bridging the gap between developers and their games while providing players with enhanced experiences.

The “ultra eosio” is a blockchain-based ecosystem for gamers and developers. The project aims to provide a better gaming experience with the help of decentralized applications, games, and more.

Ultra Games, a video game distribution network, has announced the introduction of “Ultra,” a blockchain-based ecosystem. Users will have access to a broad range of centralized and decentralized services via this new, environmentally aware blockchain platform.

Players will be able to find, purchase, play, and sell games and in-game stuff, as well as watch live-streaming feeds, partake in competitions, and much more. The platform’s goal is to provide gamers with exponential value while also providing developers with a level playing field.

Friendly to the Environment

Natural Capital Partners has certified the Ultra blockchain network as Carbon Neutral, meaning it is nearly two billion times more energy efficient than Bitcoin, releasing just 0.00000037 kg of CO2 each transaction. Ultra offsets 277 tonnes of CO2 per year with just 23.5 tonnes of CO2 emitted per year, resulting in very low power usage and ethical blockchain pioneering.

“From the beginning, we set out to create an environmentally sustainable blockchain. We’re extremely happy to be one of the first sustainable blockchain initiatives in the world, with the tools, resources, and resolve to achieve this aim. Nicolas Gilot, Co-CEO of Ultra, adds, “We’ll continue to take measures to guarantee we do all necessary to sustain and surpass our existing efforts.”


A user-friendly crypto Ultra Wallet, Ultra NFT Marketplace, cross-chain asset teleportation, and third-party applications like Theta, a live streaming platform, are all part of the Ultra ecosystem. The platform’s ecosystem will expand with new features and services. Ultra’s simple infrastructure will help users by assuring that there are no transaction costs, account setup fees, private key recovery problems, or onboarding complexity.

Developers that utilize Ultra’s cross-platform SDK to convert virtual products into NFTs may also profit from a 12% distribution fee. Users may then resell these NFTs, with developers having the ability to establish characteristics such as resale permissions regulations, commission fees, quantity limits, and regional restrictions.

Ubisoft, AMD, The Sandbox, Elrond, Shopping.io, KuCoin, and many more prominent firms have already partnered with Ultra.

Ultra may be followed on Twitter.

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Ubisoft Ultra is a new gaming platform that will allow gamers to earn cryptocurrency while playing games. The company has partnered with UBX, which is the world’s largest gaming exchange. Reference: ubisoft ultra partnership.

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