Ubisoft just announced its upcoming game, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. In a surprise move, Ubisoft revealed that the game would require players to own their in-game items on blockchain. This is one of the first major games where this will happen and more publishers are expected to follow suit soon.

The “nft trading platform” is a new crypto-based game from Ubisoft that allows players to trade virtual items. The game has been met with mixed reviews.

Ubisoft Drops a Bombshell with Major NFT Launch

A number of high-profile developers have shown interest in NFT gaming in recent months. However, much sooner than planned, one such institution has launched its own unique NFT management platform, as well as its first showpiece NFTs.

Ubisoft is unveiling Ubisoft Quartz, a platform that connects games to the non-fungible world, while also showcasing a fantastic collection of NFT skins for online war-fest Ghost Recon: Breakpoin. This new NFT gateway will serve as a hub for gamers and NFTs to engage. P2P sales, on the other hand, will take conducted off platform in the Rarible and OBJKT NFT markets.

The NFTs

With the advent of an M4A1 tactical weapon, the first of three limited edition “Digits” NFTs will drop at 6PM UTC on December 9. On the 12th and 15th of December, a Wolf Enhanced Helmet and Wolf Enhanced Trousers will be released, both of which are available for free! However, in order to get these valuable items, players must have at least 5 in-game XP and be an adult.

Ghost Recon

What this implies for players is a shift away from the conventional “walled garden” model, in which in-game assets are kept solely by the publisher and only tradeable under certain conditions. Ubisoft guarantees its clients that this new venture would give them more control over in-game stuff.

Reactions from Around the World

Twitter users have expressed delight and sadness in equal measure, with prominent blockchain gaming ambassadors Cagyjan and Loopify carrying the NFT banner. Opponents, on the other hand, make unsubstantiated assertions about environmental consequences and seem to dislike the opportunity to sell in-game items independently.

Ubisoft, of course, took care to address the environmental problem from the beginning, launching its NFTs on the energy-efficient Tezos blockchain. As a consequence of the announcement, the Tezos token increased by 39%, returning to the stratospheric heights of last week.

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