The new profile picture format is meant to expedite the verification process for Instassets. The hexagon shape also allows NFTs to be recognized more easily by other users, as opposed to squares or circles, which were previously used.

Twitter Debuts Hexagon-Shaped Profile Pictures for Verified NFTs -

The “twitter nft profile picture” is a new feature that Twitter has introduced. It allows verified NFTs to have a hexagon-shaped profile picture on their Twitter account.

Twitter, the world’s most popular microblogging and social networking tool, has become one of the first social media platforms to include NFTs into its service. The platform has unveiled a new feature dubbed ‘NFT Profile Pictures,’ which is powered by OpensSea’s API and allows users to display their favorite profile photo NFTs without fear of being questioned about their evidence of ownership.

The new feature, ‘NFT Profile Pictures,’ went live on January 20th, so it’s currently available to use. Users only need to link their crypto wallets to their Twitter accounts, after which they will see a list of NFTs they hold. Once they’ve picked the NFT they want to display, it’ll just show up as their profile image.

Each NFT Profile Picture will be encased in a special hexagonal frame, rather than the regular circular frame seen on the platform, to indicate to bystanders that the user has validated ownership of the NFT. This design approach also combats the fraudulences of pesky right clickers, since their lack of ownership can now be easily detected.

Unfortunately, the feature’s initial version is only accessible to individuals who match specific criteria, the first of which is that they must be a Twitter Blue subscriber, which costs $2.99 per month. Furthermore, NFTs that want to be verified must be Ethereum-based, and users must utilize Twitter’s iOS app.

Users should also be warned that OpenSea is effectively a third party embedded into the feature’s authentication process, which means that if the online marketplace ever goes down, NFT Profile Pictures will be prone to malfunctions and picture loading issues.

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The “nfts art” is a new feature that has been introduced to Twitter. It allows verified NFTs to have a hexagon-shaped profile picture.

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