The long-standing decentralized marketplace for trading NFTs has had to deal with a major upheaval after one of the company’s employees decided to take some assets. The vendor is unsure whether this will be resolved in their favor, and others are wondering if there may have been collusion between OpenSea themselves and the rogue employee.

The “opensea customer service email” is a message that has been circulating on the internet, in which an OpenSea employee goes rogue and sends out emails to customers. The company’s CEO has since posted a response.

The king of NFT trading, OpenSea, has once again found itself on the wrong side of a dispute. This time, they discovered that a third-party security breach had infiltrated their email list.

Security on the OpenSea platform continues to fall short, despite its recent value of $13 billion and a number of high-profile mistakes. In the most recent crisis, a worker at, its provider for email delivery, shared its full mailing list with an unauthorized third party, exposing the identity of everyone who had trusted OpenSea with their personal information.

In response to the worrying development, OpenSea has issued a warning to its users to be very vigilant for phishing activities. Since all of its email contact will now solely come through, it has stated this once again. The team also informed clients that it would never request them to download any software or provide their passwords and keys, nor would it ever start a wallet transaction via an email. So, the message being spread is to be watchful and to always err on the side of caution.

An employee of our email vendor,, misused their employee access to download & share email addresses with an unauthorized external party.

Users’ or newsletter subscribers’ email addresses that were supplied to OpenSea were affected.

June 30, 2022 — OpenSea (@opensea)

Moving ahead, OpenSea plans to carry out an exhaustive investigation into the event and coordinate with the appropriate law enforcement officials to escalate further. OpenSea has not yet made any comments on its potential partnership with, the in question email provider.

Read OpenSea’s full disclosure >> Here


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