CryptoKitties has become a phenomenon that showcases the potential of blockchain-powered games. But what are some other projects in progress?

The “best metaverse crypto projects” is a list of top projects that are currently being developed in the Metaverse. These projects are ones to keep an eye out for in the future.

There are more than a few NFT projects and games in the Metaverse. It may be a brand-new hub, a new blockchain, or even a new coin. Technically, the phrase “Metaverse” refers to nearly everything connected to Web 3.0. So, when you consider the Top Metaverse Projects, it’s not only certain NFT games but also other fantastic possibilities that have the potential to expand rapidly. Here are a few Metaverse projects that could interest you in light of that. 

1. A Bitcoin blockchain called Stacks

Since 2019, Stacks has existed as a technology that allows users to construct anything using the blockchain of Bitcoin. It would be stacked on top of the Bitcoin Blockchain, the most popular and secure blockchain ever, to assist users in using the security and other resources there.

People may now be looking into Stacks Blockchain thanks to Web 5 development and other factors. It is also a fantastic substitute for Ethereum, thus it is worth mentioning. 

2. The Most Successful NFTs: Otherside BAYC


Otherside’s teaser was released by Yuga Labs, and it seems to be an NFT game. However, it may just be a fully functional social platform with a gamified approach, as is often seen in metaverse. 

Otherside intends to promote a variety of NFTs, including the Mutant Ape, Cool Cats, World of Women, and Bored Ape Yacht Clubs. Following the Ethereum tragedy, Yuga Labs has also said that they would be working on their blockchain. 

Since Yuga Labs projects have historically been the most successful NFT projects, Ape Coin will likewise likely have quite a bit of value. 

3. Tales of the Wild: Play, Read, Listen, and Earn. 

Web 3.0 experience Tales Of The Wild is currently under construction. As a result, StepN merits special recognition for launching the Run 2 Earn campaign in Web 3.0. A similar “incentive-based” approach is being worked on by Tales of the Wild. 

The group wants to include initiatives like Play2Earn, Read2Earn, Listen2Earn, Watch2Earn, Run2Earn, and any others. In essence, the players will get rewards just by taking part in the narrative and adventure. 

Users may presently write tales on Discord. 

4. Chronoly – A Luxury Watch NFT Market With a Stocks-Like Approach


A less well-known project called Chronoly is quickly gaining popularity as a new NFT project using digital watch NFTs. The real-world watch model’s name, serial number, and other details are associated with the digital NFTs. So they continue to be valuable.

Users may purchase these watch NFTs in pieces to invest in. Anybody who collects all of the pieces of a digital watch may also claim the actual watch. Making NFTs claimable for actual items is the focus of the project. By collaborating with prestigious brands like Rolex, AP, and Phillipe, among others, it has also upended the market for luxury watches. 

5. Web 5, A New Platform For Data And User Security 

Web 5, which blends Web 2.0 with Web 3.0, is being developed by Jack Dorsey’s team, The Block Heads, according to a recent announcement. It will be a platform that improves user security and gives them true ownership of the data. 

The potential exists for Web 5 to resemble what Facebook did for the Web 2 revolution. The globe could enter a new frontier as a result.

The Yeezy Brand, 6. 

It’s noteworthy to remember that only a few months ago, Kanye West opposed doing NFTs. He has now submitted a trademark application for the name “Yeezy” in the Metaverse. It extends beyond garments or brand names. nevertheless, for entertainment, movies, and a lot of other things in the Metaverse.

This may be a clue that Kanye West is working on creating the whole Yeezy Universe. And this may develop into something opulent.

7. RealityOS by Apple

Apple AR/VR Headset

The RealityOS was announced at the most recent Worldwide Developer Conference. We are all aware of Apple’s position on the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain. They aspire to develop something unique, an altogether new realm, connected to Web 3.0. The new program being created to enable this is called RealityOS. 

The rumored Apple Glasses and Apple AR/VR Headsets are compatible with RealityOS.

Similar to Apple, Meta is laying the groundwork for their own world to be created in Web 3.0 and Metaverse, which so far does not employ blockchain or cryptocurrency. It also doesn’t provide any NFT. They have opened Crayta, a center for game production where users may go and create their own games. They are able to participate in other people’s games.

Another illustration of how the Metaverse and Web 3.0 don’t have to be focused on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, or NFTs. It could just be a matter of improving the user experience. 

Any Additional Remarks 

Of course, there are a few more projects you may consider. We have Polygon blockchain, which is becoming more popular and is similar to Stacks. Tezos has also shown incredible promise. Solana is having a difficult time keeping up.

However, these are the only Metaverse initiatives that demonstrate how the Metaverse is expanding. It will be valuable to keep an eye out for them and see how they will influence The Metaverse and the Web 3.0 experience. 

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The “metaverse blockchain” is a decentralized, distributed ledger that allows for the creation of digital assets. The project has been in development since 2014.

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