When crypto meets gaming, the possibilities are endless. The largest and most popular games have partnered with blockchain platforms to leverage their massive audiences for success. Here’s a list of five more great games that you’ll want to start playing in 2022!

The “most popular game right now” is a new type of game that will be released in 2022. These games are free to play, but they also offer players the opportunity to earn rewards.

Top 5 Play to Earn Games to Try in 2022

At the moment, play-to-earn gaming and blockchain games are sweeping the globe by storm. What is the reason behind this? Play-to-earn games, on the other hand, enable gamers to earn money while playing their favorite blockchain games. What’s not to appreciate about that?

The gaming business is estimated to be worth $336 billion, with Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo accounting for a large percentage of it. However, play-to-earn NFT games, which employ in-game cash and in-game products, enable players to consume a piece of this $336 billion; a sector that is also increasing beyond this amount.

Blockchain gamers may now profit from their favorite pastime thanks to play-to-earn games. So, let’s take a look at some of the most popular games in 2022.

2022: Earn Money by Playing Games

It’s worth noting that there are basic principles to understanding play-to-earn games. Play-to-earn games are blockchain games since they are played on blockchains. Characters in play-to-earn games and character upgrades are often in the form of NFTs, hence they might be termed NFT games.

The in-game money and in-game products are also used in these play-to-earn blockchain games. In-game money will often be the blockchain native token’s currency, with purchases and rewards conducted in this native token.

Axie Infinity is a fictional character created by Axie.


The godfather of play-to-earn games; in fact, some individuals play this play-to-earn game for a livelihood in some regions of the globe, substituting what most would consider a normal work.

Axie Infinity is a fictional character created by Axie. is a digital pet NFT game blockchain universe where players battle, raise, and trade fantasy non-fungible tokens of creatures called Axies! The game is inspired by everyone’s favorite Nintendo game: Pokemon. The play-to-earn game sees you collect and pit your furry NFT friends against others in blockchain game fantasy land.

The in-game economy in the NFT game allows players to purchase, sell, and trade resources earned in the game, with the major road to growth in the play-to-earn game being the expansion of one’s NFT monster collection.

Kingdoms of DeFI


Kingdoms of DeFI is definitely one of the rising stars in play-to-earn games right now and for good reason. While a lot of other play-to-earn games are focusing on the buying and selling of NFTs using in-game currency, Kingdoms of DeFI is is creating a crypto game making it easy for payers to invest in crypto by playing games within the Kingdoms of DeFI’ in-game economy.

To play the game, you’ll need to use the Harmony One blockchain, which has a total value of $350 million TVL. The native token for in-game transactions is JEWEL, whereas the native currency for the blockchain is ONE.

Click here to view the official trailer of everything that Kingdoms of DeFI has to offer.



Pegaxy is a popular play-to-earn horse racing game that is gaining a lot of traction. It’s a future mythical NFT game in which Pegas (horses) descended from the all-powerful Pegasus may be raced, bred, and even hired out.

Pegaxy (Pegasus Galaxy) is a futuristic mythological racing game with a play-to-earn mechanic. Pega (horses) are descended from the legendary Pegasus. In this game, participants will compete in PvP races for prizes in VIS, the platform’s native utility coin (Vigorus).

The native token of the game is VIS, which is contested by 11 players or racers, making the game both competitive and profitable. The game’s native token will be awarded to the top three participants in each race. If you want to acquire those valuable tokens, you’ll need knowledge, strategy, and talent.



Mobox is a free-to-play game that blends gaming with decentralized money to create a unique metaverse where all players, creators, and collectors may interact in one place. Users are rewarded for their participation and pleasure in the virtual environment.

On the blockchain, all NFT game assets are wholly owned by players and will last in perpetuity. Furthermore, since NFT games are designed to be interoperable, in-game products and assets may be utilized in various games at the same time.

Sharks of the Stars


StarSharks is a community-based play to gain metaverse with a shark theme that is played in a sustainable eco-system. The play-to-earn metaverse ecosystem was built on the BNB blockchain and focuses heavily on NFT game-FI.

The shark-themed metaverse offers a diverse range of games and enables players to use the same NFT avatar throughout the whole metaverse. Players may band together to form a shark-driven communal metaverse culture and develop and control a new metaverse. To diversity the look of all NFTs in the metaverse, players’ shark characters will have distinct gene expansions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best play to earn game?

A: The best way to earn games is by playing them. People who are better at the game also tend to make more money from it than people who arent as good, so youll have a higher chance of making some cash if youre not too bad.

What is the most profitable NFT game?

A: If you are looking to make a profit off of NFTs, then the only profitable game is CryptoKitties.

What is the number 1 NFT game?

A: As of now, the number one NFT game is CryptoKitties. The game has recently been reported to have over 2 billion dollars worth of virtual cats in circulation!

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