Tony Hawk, one of the most influential and prolific skateboarders in history has recently announced a collaboration with Epic Games to open an interactive skatepark in the game’s upcoming sandbox title. The park will be built on top of the Unreal Engine 4 which is widely used for gaming applications. Its unclear what impact this partnership will have on other major titles but it does show that blockchain games can not only be about tokens but real-world assets too

The “Tony Hawk Cements His Legacy with Epic Skatepark in the Sandbox” is a skateboard park that Tony Hawk helped create. The park was built by Tony and his friends, and it has been a skater’s paradise ever since.


Tony Hawk, a veritable deity in the world of skateboarding, has begun an enormous project with The Sandbox. He has teamed up with the powerful metaverse and the NFT platform Autograph, which is supported by celebrities, to create the largest virtual skatepark the world has ever seen.

The skilled team’s tremendous project will transform a sizable 6 by 6 piece of LAND into a fully working skateboarding arena where participants can participate in a variety of games and challenges to win amazing blockchain-based rewards. One of the most thrilling and enjoyable experiences to date to be introduced in The Sandbox, according to the promises made.


Along with this enormous venue, Autograph will offer a variety of exceptional non-fungible gifts. To begin with, Autograph NFT holders will receive Voxel versions of their Tony Hawk avatars, and a wave of Tony Hawk merchandise, including skateboards, clothing, and accessories, will also be distributed.

Additionally, rumor has claimed that players may transfer skatepark elements into The Sandbox game creator. After that, they may develop and share their own own skateboarding-themed adventures with pals.

The Sandbox is thus in for a crazy journey if the promotional film is to be believed!

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