Tomonobu Itagaki left Nintendo in January of 2018 and has since been designing games under his own company, Valhalla Game Studios. He recently released a game called Rappelz that is dependent on the Ethereum blockchain to function.


Tomonobu Itagaki, a Japanese game creator best known for inventing the Dead or Alive series for Tecmo and bringing back the Ninja Gaiden series, hinted last year that he would be returning to game creation via the opening of a new firm. We now know that such a firm is a Web3-focused organization known as “Apex Game Studios,” which is more than halfway through 2022. 

Itagaki said on Tuesday through Twitter that the firm, which now has over 100 employees from Singapore and Japan, would concentrate on developing high-quality and immersive 3A Web3.0 games. Itagaki will attempt to make use of the metaverse and its accompanying advances (such Smart Terminal technologies like AR and VR gadgets), as well as NFTs inside the games. 

‘Warrior,’ an NFT game created using Unreal Engine for use on mobile and PC, is the studio’s first project. The game is slated for a test launch in the first quarter of 2023 and is described as being “fun and grabs attention,” two characteristics Itagaki believes are essential for blockchain games to succeed in becoming legitimate games. Additionally, it is said that it would soon release its first IDO and conduct a variety of giveaway events for its early adopter group.