Metaverse is a blockchain-powered platform that allows for the creation of virtual worlds and digital assets. In fact, Metaverse already has some pretty impressive dApps to show off its world building capabilities like Peiwo APP’s popular voice chat app with more than 10 million monthly users. However, without any centralized governing body or server infrastructure in place it can be an arduous process to manage these applications on such a large scale. Enter ToastPunks Genesis Drop – an open source software which will allow anyone who wants to build or run their own decentralized application on top of the metaverse ecosystem. The simple drag & drop interface make it easy even for novice developers while also providing advanced functionalities like multi-token support and token specific modules so you won’t have trouble getting your project up and running quickly!

ToastPunks Genesis Drop Brings Bags of Utility to the Metaverse

The next part of the ToastPunk project, which pays tribute to an optimistic youth’s Sunday morning routines, is ready to fill that breakfast-shaped vacuum in any NFT collection, thereby offering aficionados of bread-themed art with an outlet for their voracious needs.

The Story

ToastPunks tells the tale of two young brothers who have imaginations as big as their creative endeavors, which involve transforming a variety of breakfast dishes into a diverse cast of characters. The ToastPunks’ strange and lovely world is captured in a hypnotic collection as a consequence of their wanderings.

The genesis collection will have 10,000 objects, all of which were produced utilizing ToastPunks’ pioneering “Scrambled Trait Art” genre. This entails reusing the original characters’ components into a new set of incredible designs while keeping the original characters’ forms, colors, and textures. As a consequence, a fresh new collection of ToastPunks basic pictures has been created, which serve as the foundation for the new designs.

ToastPunk has made a splash on social media, gaining an astonishing 28k followers and attracting the attention of NFT celebrity Paris Hilton.

ToastPunk Genesis Drop

The Genesis Departure

Early February will see the release of the ToastPunks genesis collection. For the time being, the team is keeping the actual date and minting price a secret. The astute collector, on the other hand, may gain a leg up on the competition by purchasing an original ToastPunk. These contain minting rights to a genesis punk and are offered via the project’s official minting channels or the secondary market.

The first batch of 3,000 NFTs will be sold in a pre-sale for whitelist members, followed by a public sale of the remaining ToastPunks 24 hours later. The ToastPunk designs will be revealed three days after the public sale, and 1,000 fortunate owners will get a “upgradeable pass” via airdrop. Owners may mint an OG upgrade once they have one upgrade pass, one genesis ToastPunk, and one OG ToastPunk.

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ToastPunk is a utility that allows you to make toast.

Each object therefore symbolizes a distinct part of the ToastPunks world, with a vast range of applications and usefulness. Each item in the collection, for example, grants entry to the ToastPunks metaverse, which is set to open in Q3, as well as the possibility of early access to future drops, VIP passes, and token bundles.

ToastPunk Genesis Drop

The Team

The ToastPunks project is supported by a strong team of experts from a variety of creative and technical backgrounds, as well as Warrp Pty Ltd, an award-winning Australian digital start-up. As a result of their combined expertise, the team vows to permanently alter the NFT and metaverse environments.

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