Timbaland is making waves with his latest remixable music nft. The project provides artists and producers the opportunity to create an original track that can be remixed by anyone in a song they have created or one from Timbo’s vault of work. In addition, the smart contract on the blockchain ensures that users are not only able to listen but own a piece of what they love for themselves

The “nft for music” is a new platform that allows users to create and exchange their own remixable music. The platform is based on the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology.

Timbaland, an award-winning music producer, is bringing his innovative flare to the NFT sector. A collection of non-fungible remixable nuggets has arrived on the blockchain.

Timberland has broken down each track from his current EP, “Opera Noir,” into its component elements and memorialized these portions on the blockchain as “beats,” “hooks,” and “stems.” Collectors who purchase at least two of these NFTs will have access to a web-based mixing tool that allows them to modify the music and make personalized remixes.

These musical components will be delivered by auction in November and December, with the first delivery scheduled for November 2. Additionally, everyone who purchases five or more pieces from the collection will get an extra full-length song called NFT. As a consequence, Timbaland is excited about this new path and the additional avenue it gives for communicating with his fans.

Kevin and Jennifer McCoy, a husband and wife duo, are accompanying Timbaland on his NFT trip. Kevin became non-fungible famous for inventing the “first ever” NFT, “Quantum.” Now, the two are co-founders of Moneygraph, a blockchain startup that is bringing this new idea to life with its cutting-edge technology. Kevin and Jennifer are also the artists in charge of the graphics that accompany each NFT.

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