The Wrong Man is a musical about the life of Eddie Carbone, an Italian-American man who was wrongfully convicted and sent to prison for over 20 years. Now that his case has been reopened, The Wrong Man will be adapted as an NFT musical with backing from blockchain technology in order to raise funds for legal costs.

The “The Wrong Man” is a musical that will be the first-ever NFT. The production company behind this show, Royalty Band, is planning on making it an open-source project.

'The Wrong Man' Set to Become First-Ever NFT Musical

Ross Golan, a multi-award-winning lyricist, has teamed up with Terra Virtua, a digital collectibles firm, to adapt his renowned musical, “The Wrong Man,” into the first-ever NFT musical. The initiative emphasizes a new income source for artists by allowing them to sell directly to audiences, as well as providing fans with a unique chance to own a piece of their favorite artist’s work.

In the first quarter of 2022, Terra Virtua will release the NFT collection for Golan’s conceptual album. Limited-edition digital artifacts will include a diverse range of music, images, and video, including a completely animated version of the musical, vinyl, poster-based artwork, and an unreleased Golan track.

‘The Wrong Guy’ started as a folk song about a man wrongfully convicted of murder, but Golan’s abilities evolved the tune into a narrative concept album over time. In 2019, the musical was adapted into an animated film and stage musical, with sold-out Broadway performances.

“Ross’ journey with The Wrong Man is extremely motivating, and the right vehicle for us to produce a ‘NFT first,’ the first musical to be made accessible in the format,” Terra Virtua CEO Jawad Ashraf said of the company’s work with Golan.

“The Wrong Man” continues to open doors and give new possibilities to put a light on both the music and the topic of unjust convictions, according to Golan. I’m delighted to be a member of a community whose interests are in the greater good, and I couldn’t be more happy to be a part of this historic time with Terra Virtua.”

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The “create music nft” is a musical that is set to be released on the Ethereum blockchain. It will be the first-ever NFT musical.

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