The world’s most expensive NFT is expected to be released in 2020. The lucky buyer of the collectible will get a mansion with an estimated value that could reach $1 billion dollars, as well as other valuable assets such as cars and art pieces.

The “most expensive nft” is a digital asset on the blockchain that comes with a mansion thrown in. The asset, which was created by an anonymous creator, is worth $1 billion and has been available for purchase since May of 2018.

The World’s Most Expensive NFT Comes With a Mansion Thrown In

It might be a first in the world: purchase an NFT and receive a free home. 

NFT HouseHampton Hall, Fine & Country

The 11-bed monolith is being built in Surrey, England, by a British developer. It will include bullet-resistant windows, a swimming pool, a theater, and a bowling alley, all on a 0.5-hectare area.

So far, everything seems to be going well? This home also comes with a non-fungible token that contains the blueprint as well as a virtual representation of the property. 

The future owner of the Hampton Hall NFT will be able to download the home into a virtual environment like Decentraland or display it on the walls of the actual house in a digital picture frame.

1645847925_469_The-Worlds-Most-Expensive-NFT-Comes-With-a-Mansion-ThrownHampton Hall, Fine & Country

The home will be 2,700 square feet of Cotswold stone and Corinthian-fluted columns, with a 116-meter frontage, and will be built on Crown Estate property, which means you’ll have to lease it.

There will be parking for up to six cars in the garage, as well as an elevator to the basement, which will include a car gallery, snooker room, and home cinema.

1645847926_831_The-Worlds-Most-Expensive-NFT-Comes-With-a-Mansion-ThrownHampton Hall, Fine & Country

But, you may wonder, why are we writing in the future tense. Because the home is still under construction. The site has been on the market since March 2020, and construction on the home has yet to begin. As a result, the use of NFT technology to assist sell the property is appealing.

“While Hampton Hall might be among the first, I believe it certainly won’t be one of the last super-prime properties to be launched as an NFT, as there are several leading agents in the US who are openly working on huge projects,” says Sean Barratt of agents Fine & Country.

“At the present, NFTs are quite popular. We just sold a $6.6 million home in Surrey that had been substantially refurbished and enlarged.

“The developer asked the buyer if they’d be interested in purchasing an NFT of the home for 2% of the actual asset’s purchase price. “The buyer swiftly said yes,” Barratt told The New York Times.

1645847926_387_The-Worlds-Most-Expensive-NFT-Comes-With-a-Mansion-ThrownHampton Hall, Fine & Country

The property will be near to the towns of Esher, Cobham, and Weybridge, all of which feature independent shops, boutiques, and award-winning restaurants, and it will be just 20 kilometers from London.

An NFT devotee spent $500,000 for a virtual real estate asset in April. For his purchase, the customer in Toronto got 3D clips and data. During quarantine, Krista Kim created the “Mars House” property.

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