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The “most expensive nft” is a token that was created in the NFT ecosystem. This token has been on sale for 11 weeks and has had a total of 6,000,000 sold. The highest price per unit was $0.01.

The Weekly Rundown – NFT Sales March 5-11 2022

Markets remain crazy, but ETH is beginning to migrate to strong NFT projects with usefulness. Gary Vee’s Book Games, which is currently enjoying its second release with VeeFriends 2, is a great example of a project that is killing it.

Let’s take a brief look at the numbers.

The Week’s Big Sales

NonFungible.com’s top sales in the past 7 days

NFT Markets is a company that specializes in non-traditional


The NFT market is seeing a slowdown in sales compared to the previous seven days, with LooksRare and OpenSea seeing a 45 percent drop in volume on average.

With 193k purchasers, OpenSea generated $412 million in sales, down almost 44% from the previous week.

With 9k customers, Magic Eden generated $1.37 million in sales, over a 40% increase in sales volume from the previous week.

Solanart achieved $700,000 in sales with 5k purchasers, a nearly 26% reduction in sales volume from the previous week.

AtomicMarket produced $2.32 million in sales with 33k purchasers, down almost 41% from the previous week.

Rarible sold $441k to 902 purchasers, a 45 percent increase over the previous week’s sales volume.

LooksRare generated $439 million in sales with 3000 purchasers, down 20% from the previous week.



Every week, we witness an increase in interest in metaverse worlds; many people use the term “metaverse” without comprehending that many “metaverse platforms” are being built. As a result, we’ll go through the most important ones here.

The Sandbox sold for $7.6 million to 851 people.

With 504 purchasers, Decentraland earned $2.7 million in sales.

With 85 purchasers, CryptoVoxels generated $429k in sales.

With eight purchasers, Somnium Space generated $155k in sales.

What Market Data on Collectibles Tells Us


In the NFT space, the top four collectibles by sales.

CyberBrokers generated $41 million in sales, with 5k purchasers transacting 10,000 times – a 999 percent increase in sales volume over the previous week.

Bored Ape Yacht Club sold $18.4 million to 70 customers who transacted 86 times, a 1% reduction in sales volume from the previous week.

Mutant Ape Yacht Club sold $13.3 million to a total of 257 customers who transacted 354 times, an increase of 8% over the previous week.

CloneX sold $12.5 million to 247 purchasers who transacted 320 times, a 22% reduction in sales volume from the previous week.

Games based on cryptography


Every week, there are new games that promise fantastic gameplay and a large community. Axie Infinity is now the most popular P2E platform in terms of daily active users. The top three most popular games in the previous seven days are shown below.

The volume of DeFi Kingdoms was $105 million.

The volume of Axie Infinity was $92 million.

Pegaxy’s volume was $14.2 million.

What CryptoArt Is Trying to Tell Us

Crypto Art

February ended on a worse note than previous months, and March seems to be on track to do the same. CryptoArt sales are gradually falling, and it seems that a new factor is increased rivalry for attention, as well as dwindling liquidity.

Let’s have a look at it in more detail:

  • In January, $61 million was sold.
  • In February, $45 million was sold.
  • So far in March, $6.7 million has been sold.


The markets don’t seem to have taken a definite direction recently, so it’s a case of wait and watch. The majority of NFTs that are gaining momentum are linked to utility in some form. NFTs are now 80 percent utility and 20 percent collectibles, and prices will most likely reflect this in the near future. Most collection volumes are still low, so keep an eye on them.


The “best nfts to invest in” is a weekly rundown of the top 5 most popular NFTs for investment. It includes the price, market cap, and volume for each of these coins.

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