The NFT market is booming with lots of new players entering the space. With a large number of sales and listings, there’s more to comb through than ever before. From games like CryptoKitties to newly released sports e-sports collectibles, here are some highlights from March 26-31 2018:

The “most expensive nft ever sold” was a sale that took place on March 26-31 2022. The most expensive item sold during the sale was a 0x1f9b8aeec7e6d2a01c7059eb094bb5bac0e3f7716nft for $4,000,000.

The Weekly Rundown – NFT Sales March 26-31 2022

Markets for NFTs are currently stable, and high-quality collections continue to gain momentum and expand. The NFT gaming industry seems to be growing more active by the day, and that’s where the highest sales volumes are being generated (most PFPs have games planned in their roadmaps).

Let’s take a brief look at the numbers.

The Week’s Big Sales’s top sales in the past 7 days

NFT Markets is a company that specializes in non-traditional


With 182k purchasers, OpenSea generated $610 million in sales, almost a 2.65% rise in sales volume from the previous week.

With 19k purchasers, Magic Eden generated $5.84 million in sales, almost a 57 percent increase in sales volume from the previous week.

Solanart sold $5.93 million to 7k people last week, an almost 222 percent increase in sales volume.

AtomicMarket produced $2.44 million in sales with 35k purchasers, down almost 23% from the previous week.

Rarible earned $372k in sales with 629 purchasers, down 35% from the previous week’s volume.

With 5k customers, LooksRare generated $614 million in sales, about a 1.68 percent rise in sales volume from the previous week.



Every week, we witness an increase in interest in metaverse worlds; individuals just use the term “metaverse” without recognizing that many “metaverse platforms” are being built. As a result, we’ll go through the most important ones here.

With 386 purchasers, Decentraland achieved $3.2 million in sales.

With 343 purchasers, The Sandbox grossed $3.1 million in sales.

With 53 customers, CryptoVoxels earned a $235k profit.

With just one customer, Somnium Space generated $31,000 in sales.

What Market Data on Collectibles Tells Us

Collectibles Sales Last 7 Days

In the NFT space, the top four collectibles by sales.

With a total of 8,700 purchasers who transacted 13,583 times, World Of Women Galaxy generated $71 million in sales.

Azuki sold $56.7 million to 572 purchasers who transacted 891 times, representing a 60% increase in sales volume over the previous week.

Bored Ape Yacht Club sold $44 million to 103 customers who transacted 117 times, a 30% fall in sales volume from the previous week.

Mutant Ape Yacht Club sold $35.2 million to 388 customers who transacted 481 times, a 23 percent drop in sales volume from the previous week.

Games based on cryptography

CryptoGames Last 7 Days

Every week, there are new games that promise fantastic gameplay and a large community. Axie Infinity is now the most popular P2E platform in terms of daily active users. The top three most popular games in the previous seven days are shown below.

The volume of DeFi Kingdoms was $382 million.

Axie Infinity has a volume of $166 million.

The volume generated by StartSharks was $11 million.

What CryptoArt Is Trying to Tell Us

CryptoArt Month of March

Let’s have a look at it in more detail:

  • In January, $61 million was sold.
  • In February, $45 million was sold.
  • So far in March, $57 million has been sold ($41 million through Nifty Gateway sales).


NFTs will be around for a long time. Not every initiative will succeed, but we’re getting a better idea of who the potential winners are. Exploring and learning about other initiatives, as well as looking at the community and statistics, is the best strategy here. They are, after all, only things, so purchase what you like.


The “NFTs are valuable” is a question that has been asked for years. The “why are nfts valuable” article will answer the question and more.

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