The companies that have been focused on NFTs this week include Cryptospace, which launched the world’s first decentralized influencer marketplace. Other noteworthy projects included Puma Pay and Humaniq.

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The Weekly Rundown – NFT Sales February 26

Recently, the market has been tumultuous. With the Russia-Ukraine crisis, global inflation, and general uncertainty, many people are asking what will happen to NFT pricing in the following weeks. No one knows, but history and the NFT space are at a crossroads.

But that’s life, and it’s complicated; data, on the other hand, isn’t. Let’s take a brief look at the numbers.

The Week’s Big Sales’s top sales in the past 7 days

NFT Markets is a company that specializes in non-traditional

NFT Markets is a company that specializes in non-traditional

The NFT market is seeing a slowdown in sales compared to the previous seven days, with LooksRare and OpenSea seeing a 45 percent drop in volume on average.

With 220k purchasers, OpenSea achieved $604 million in sales, almost a 30% decline in sales volume from the previous week.

Magic Eden sold $1.42 million to 9k people, a drop of over 80% from the previous week’s sales total.

Solanart earned $951k in sales with 5k purchasers, down over 22% from the previous week’s volume.

AtomicMarket produced $3.18 million in sales with 38k purchasers, an almost 60% decline in sales volume from the previous week.

Rarible sold $290,000 to 752 purchasers, a 123 percent decline in sales volume from the previous week.

LooksRare generated $470 million in sales with 4k purchasers, down 16 percent from the previous week.



Every week, we witness an increase in interest in metaverse worlds; many people use the term “metaverse” without comprehending that many “metaverse platforms” are being built. As a result, we’ll go through the most important ones here.

The Sandbox sold 552 copies for $5.6 million.

With 284 purchasers, Decentraland generated $4.35 million in sales.

With 85 customers, CryptoVoxels generated a profit of $502k.

With 14 purchasers, Somnium Space generated $287k in sales.

What Market Data on Collectibles Tells Us


In the NFT space, the top four collectibles by sales.

With a total of 1,409 purchasers who transacted 2k times, Invisible Friends generated $43 million in sales, a 38 percent increase in sales volume over the previous week.

With a total of 12k purchasers who transacted 16k times, WonderPals generated $23.5 million in sales.

3Landers sold $19.6 million to 1,920 customers who transacted 2,914 times, a 52 percent drop in sales volume from the previous week.

The sales volume at Bored Ape Yacht Club was $18.3 million, with 59 purchasers transacting 61 times, down 8% from the previous week.

Games based on cryptography

Games based on cryptography

Every week, there are new games that promise fantastic gameplay and a large community. Axie Infinity is now the most popular P2E platform in terms of daily active users. The top three most popular games in the previous seven days are shown below.

The volume of DeFi Kingdoms was $117 million.

Axie Infinity has a volume of $101 million.

Pegaxy’s volume was $27 million.

What CryptoArt Is Trying to Tell Us


In comparison to previous months, February ended a little weaker. Crypto art sales are steadily falling, and it seems that a new factor is the next dazzling thing in the play-to-earn sector, as well as the hundreds of collectibles released every day.

Let’s have a look at it in more detail:

  • In January, $61 million was sold.
  • In February, $45 million was sold.
  • So far in March, $1.7 million has been sold.


Every part of the NFT and crypto markets are super red. Many important issues are going around the world that will keep the needs unstable for a couple of times. The best thing to do is study the data, but as you can see, multiple NFT Markets is a company that specializes in non-traditional are down for an average of 60% in volume from the last 7 days. Be safe!


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