What happened in 2020 and what will happen in 2021?

The “The Weekly Rundown – End of Year Edition – 2021” is a weekly podcast that covers the top stories in cryptocurrency. The show is hosted by two crypto experts, who discuss the most important news and events from the week. Read more in detail here: the rundown.

The Weekly Rundown – End of Year Edition - 2021

We’ve officially ended 2021, and it’d be wonderful to compile a summary of the data to look back on previous patterns and assess where the industry is headed. My prediction for 2022 is that the most significant NFT investments will be in GameFi (P2E) and metaverse assets; BAYC is already creating a P2E game, so it’s a definite trend. Estimated data will be utilized here.

Let’s take a brief glance at the annual statistics.

The Year’s Big Sales

–CryptoPunk #4156 for $10.35 million –CryptoPunk #7804 for $7.56 million –CryptoPunk #3100 for $7.51 million –Right-click and Save As guy for $7.09 million –Right-click and Save As man for $7.09 million

2021 Market Data Collectible

Top Collectibles 2021

The Top Four Collectibles

With 1.35 million customers, these artifacts sold for roughly $7.65 billion.

Axie Infinity achieved $3.8 billion in sales, with 1.3 million purchasers transacting 12 million times.

With a total of 5k purchasers who transacted 19k times, CryptoPunks generated $1.8 billion in sales.

With a total of 24k purchasers who transacted 131k times, ArtBlocks grossed $1.1 billion in sales.

BAYC made $953 million in sales, with 8,693 customers transacting over 23,000 times.

NFT Markets will be available for purchase in 2021.

NFT Marketsales 2021

The most important NFT markets or marketplaces, where you may purchase any NFT technology. With 2.36 million purchasers, these platforms generated about $14.4 billion in sales.

With 1.24 million consumers, OpenSea achieved $13.25 billion in sales.

With 159k purchasers, Solanart achieved $578 million in sales.

With 873k purchasers, AtomicMarket achieved $312 million in sales.

With 88k purchasers, Rarible achieved $260 million in sales.

Sales of CryptoArt in 2021

CryptoArt Sales 2021

The value of CryptoArt markets was estimated to be in the billions of dollars. Let’s have a look at it in more detail:

  • The month of January saw a $12 million sale.
  • In February, $91 million was sold.
  • The month of March brought in $206 million in sales.
  • April’s sales totaled $103 million.
  • $62 million was sold in May.
  • $16 million was sold in June.
  • July’s sales totaled $21 million.
  • $88 million was sold in August.
  • $75 million was sold in September.
  • In October, $95 million was sold.
  • In November, $66 million was sold.
  • December’s sales totaled $170 million (including a $92 million sale by Pak).


The top collectibles sold for $7.65 billion with 1.35 million buyers, the top markets sold for $14.4 billion with 2.36 million buyers, while CryptoArt sold for $1 billion or more.

The crypto and NFT industry has had a fantastic year, proving that crypto and NFTs are here to stay. NFTs that generate cash flow via P2E, music royalties, and other sources are becoming increasingly utility-based. We are prepared for you, 2022!


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