The Solana ecosystem is a blockchain-based platform that aims to be the “Linux of blockchains” as it offers developers and users an open source, decentralized approach. Using an IBM Power 8 processor and three innovative consensus mechanisms—Proof-of-Capacity (PoC), Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT), and Proof of History Consensus (PoH)—Solana enables its first application: the first scalable, low cost multichain NFT marketplace on Ethereum’s public mainnet.

The “where to buy solana nfts” is a question that many people have been asking. There are multiple options for buying Solana NFTs, but the best option may be through a marketplace.

The Ultimate Guide to Solana NFT Marketplaces

NFTs are all the rage, and although many people are acquainted with Ethereum-based NFT markets like SuperRare, OpenSea, and Nifty Gateway, there are a slew of others coming up on other blockchains as well. Here’s a complete list of Ethereum’s most popular NFT markets.

We’ll concentrate just on Solana NFT markets in this piece. If you’ve used Ethereum-based markets to build NFTs before, you’ll know that one of the biggest difficulties is the hefty gas expenses. As a result, creators have been pushed to seek for alternate alternatives. Check read this post on how to become a successful CryptoArtist if you’re new to the CryptoArt and NFT industry.

Solana has recently gained a lot of momentum, and despite the fact that it is still in its early phases of development, the ecosystem is fast increasing and more people are beginning to utilize it.

So, let’s have a look at some of the most well-known NFT exchanges on the Solana blockchain. Read this page if you’re seeking for information about other non-traditional trading platforms.



Solanart is the most popular NFT marketplace on Solana, with notable NFT projects like Degen Ape Academy and Sol Punks hosted there. Because the platform is still in beta, you won’t be able to mint directly on it. Instead, producers complete out a Google form retrieved through the Discord server, and the NFTs are held on a ‘Temporary Account’ controlled by the marketplace software after they are placed for sale. When someone buys your NFT, the software sends the buyer’s SOL to the seller and unlocks the NFT, which is subsequently transferred to the buyer.

$SOL is the payment method.

Platform costs include a 0.02 percent listing charge, a 3% marketplace fee on every transaction, and a creator’s fee that is set by the artist.

What kind of artists are most suited for this platform?

Royalties are determined by the inventor.


1636808952_324_The-Ultimate-Guide-to-Solana-NFT-Marketplaces is a Solana-based open NFT marketplace that has had a solid and consistent head start since the platform’s inception in September 2021. On the platform, anybody may mint their NFT inventions, however the team strives to verify as many NFT projects as possible to give them a “verified” badge and remove false NFTs. Please keep in mind that Digitaleyes is currently in alpha, therefore listed NFTs may take longer to reflect.

$SOL is the payment method.

Platform costs: 2.5 percent for the author, plus two extra fees for the buyer

What kind of artists are most suited for this platform?

Royalties are determined by the inventor at the time of minting.



Solsea is an open NFT marketplace that is also the first to allow developers to choose and incorporate licenses while minting NFTs. Unlike Solanart, creators may immediately upload and mint their creations. Although there have been some difficulties with glitches and fraudulent NFTs on the website, they are working hard to improve. The platform supports the crypto wallets Phantom, Solflare, and Sollet. There’s also a helpful FAQ section that explains how to make an NFT and deal with any problems.


Platform costs include a 3% marketplace charge on every sale, as well as a creator’s fee that is set by the artist.

What kind of artists are most suited for this platform?

Royalties: Unknown



Metaplex isn’t your typical NFT marketplace; it’s an open-source platform that allows producers to create their own self-hosted and customized NFT stores. Your Metaplex Storefront links to a decentralized on-chain application that mints and sells your NFTs, cutting out the middlemen (and their fees).

$SOL is the payment method.

Platform charges are unknown.

What kind of artists are most suited for this platform?

Royalties are determined by the inventor.


In October of this year, the FTX cryptocurrency exchange opened its own NFT marketplace for Solana NFTs. They also want to provide support for Ethereum NFTs in the future. Both ‘buy now’ and auction-style sales are available on the site.

$SOL and $USD are accepted as forms of payment.

Platform fees: There are none for listing NFTs, however sellers must pay a 2% exchange charge.

What kind of artists are most suited for this platform?

Royalties are determined by the inventor.



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