Seed phrases are the keys for accessing a cryptocurrency wallet. They allow access to your account and are not stored on any hardware or computer, meaning that they would be more secure than most other passwords. But what happens when you forget the seed phrase? How do you recover it if you can’t remember it? Let’s explore this thorny issue with some cool hacks!

The “how to keep nft safe” is a guide that will help you learn how to keep your cryptocurrency seed phrase safe. This article also includes some tips on what not to do.

The Ultimate Guide to Seed Phrase Safety

The notion of “be your own bank,” i.e., simple access to your crypto assets without having to authenticate your identity or relying on centralized financial organizations such as banks or governments, is one of the key principles of bitcoin. This is made feasible by blockchain technology, which uses a peer-to-peer network of linked computers known as nodes to store and safeguard crypto assets.

Blockchain can find out which assets belong to you using an algorithmically produced string of codes. When you sign up for a crypto wallet, algorithmic codes of 12-24 basic phrases are created, such as (“crop,” “plant,” “harmony,” “push,” “stand,” “click.”

These randomly generated short words, referred to as the “recovery phase” or “seed phrase,” are used to unlock your wallet at any moment and are only to be shared with “your next of kin” or “heir.” In order to transfer or receive your assets, private keys are produced in the wallet using these seed phrases.

Consider the wallet to be a password manager, with the seed phrase serving as the master password.

As previously said, the seed phrase must not be disclosed with anyone; consequently, it is critical to keep it private; otherwise, anybody with access to your crypto phrase may acquire access to and control of your crypto assets.

What happens if you forget your seed phrase and your wallet is permanently deleted? It’s as easy as that; your cryptocurrency is lost forever. This is more than enough incentive to preserve your seed phrase correctly and securely, so we’ll look at a few methods to do so.

It’s critical to have these two crucial facts in the back of your mind before proceeding.

  1. The seed phrase must be duplicated precisely as it appears in the wallet, word by word. A single typo in any letter of the alphabet is enough to wipe out all of your crypto holdings.
  2. The best storage is offline storage. Your seed phrase should never be saved on a computer, phone, or other Internet-connected device.

Let’s take a look at how you keep track of your seed phrase.

Given the complete power of control that anybody who has your recovery seed will have over your assets, how you record and keep it is critical. Furthermore, since a seed word should be available wherever and whenever you need it, keeping it secure yet accessible is critical. Here are a few options for safely storing your word.

Splitting Seed Phrases

Although effective, this strategy is not user-friendly. It entails dividing your seed phrase into portions and storing it in numerous places. Cybercriminals are kept at bay using this strategy.

Steel plates and capsules (such as the Cryptosteel capsule and the Blindfodl steel plate) make storing your seed phrase or splitting seed phrases straightforward and secure. 

What is the mechanism behind it? A steel capsule works by separating each word of your seed phrase with both character and separator plates, then locking them in place with a strong thread that joins the capsule’s shell and core. 

Hard Disk Drives

Unlike the Cryptosteel capsule and steel, which may not be readily available, Hard Disk Drives are readily available almost everywhere and are economical. Storing your seed phrase on Hard Disk Drives may look cheap, but they are not secure as it may easily contact computer viruses which may then restrict your access to your seed phrase.

Another drawback is that it might get up in the hands of a thief, who could instantly discover your seed word simply inserting the drive into any laptop or computer. To make it more difficult to access, split the seed word over two or more disks, but they will still be simple to penetrate once detected.

Storage of Paper

Another method for preserving your seed phrase is to write it down. It is not a good idea, however, to store your whole phrase on a single piece of paper in a readily accessible spot in your house. If you choose to utilize this approach, separate the seed phrase and disperse it throughout the house in many safe hiding spots that are out of reach of guests, small children, and even your pets.


If you’re a wordsmith, you may save your seed phrase on paper by rewriting it or replacing it with synonyms or homophonic phrases that sound similar. This will keep anybody who has access to it at a distance and unaware of your objectives. 

Avoid These Storage Alternatives

Although not all of the following tactics will work for everyone, keep in mind that the more hidden the strategy, the better. The following are some of the things you should avoid:

  • Take no photos or screenshots of your seed phrase.
  • Do not use a password manager to store your seed phrase.
  • Use any service that claims to be a phrase recovery platform with caution.

Remember that the more time and work you invest into properly preserving and managing your seed phrase, the safer your assets will be for you and your family. Combining two or more of the tactics or procedures mentioned above is therefore recommended.


The “nft safety” is a guide that provides information on how to make sure your seed phrase is safe. It includes tips and tricks for storing your phrase, as well as common mistakes people make when using it.

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