Recently, a new exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles showcased how artists explore ideas through digital art. This was called “Impossible Worlds” and examined how technology can shape our reality by exploring virtual reality (VR) worlds as well as physical spaces.

We are currently at the second of the two parts of The Sandbox’s Museum of Contemporary Digital Art (MoCDA) art show. The exhibition, titled “Impossible Worlds” by MoCDA associate Tom Van Avermaet, has an extended run that finishes on July 14.

Users of The Sandbox have the opportunity to win a piece of a 10,000 $SAND reward pie from Impossible Worlds. 50 winners will be chosen at random from the pool of users that join the competition, and each winner will get 200 $SAND. 

One of the requirements to submit a legitimate entry is to tweet the following message: “I just took part in the #TheSandbox weekly contest for a chance to win 200 mSAND! Check out my screenshot below for my favorite item from the “Impossible Worlds” show! .

As implied by the tweet’s wording, it must also include a picture of the user’s The Sandbox avatar in front of their preferred work of art from the exhibition, along with the work’s title and artist. In this approach, artists may get more visibility, and community members can get something in return for their involvement.

The tournament coincides with a rush of other events taking place in The Sandbox metaverse, such as its eagerly awaited third season of Alpha.