With Polygon Staking, it is possible to mine digital assets that can be used in the game. Players who own more tokens will receive a higher level of gameplay than those with less.

The Sandbox Goes Live with Polygon Staking

The Sandbox is throwing Polygon staking into the mix as a great new addition to its metaverse empire and as part of its drive to shift away from Ethereum Mainnet. Users of the platform may now stake $SAND – $MATIC pairings for a piece of the staking pool.

Investors may submit Liquidity Provider (LP) pairs starting December 17 in exchange for a portion of a weekly distributed fund. Users will earn a weekly share of 500k for the first month of this excellent offer. However, after this time, the amount will drop to 300,000.

To participate, users must first get $SAND tokens on the Polygon network, then establish $SAND – $MATIC Liquidity Provider (LP) pairings via the Quickswap program. They may then go to The Sandbox native staking pool and donate to the cause after they’ve reached it. The rewards are then dispersed pro-rata over the period of one month, depending on the user’s liquidity.

Staking with $SAND is coming to @0xPolygon!

Now is the time to stake your claim: https://t.co/Fp8ArBed8X pic.twitter.com/CB7HoQhzuA

December 16, 2021 — The Sandbox (@TheSandboxGame)

Participants must now get $SAND tokens over the Polygon network. However, in the future, a bridge between Polygon and Ethereum will be built to facilitate the movement of $SAND tokens between the two networks.

Quickswap allows you to create $SAND – $MATIC LP pairings >> Here.

Here’s a Stake in the Sandbox >>


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