The burgeoning world of blockchain-powered games has been a phenomenon the past few years, but one that’s been mostly limited to independent developers. In recent months, early access titles and browser-based games have exploded onto the scene with more than 500 million monthly active users on Steam alone. However, as these are all built by individual developers rather than game studios in large numbers, they lack features like monetization options or full story arcs. That could be about to change though thanks to new support for user-built experiences coming soon from CCP Games’ upcoming sandbox title Project Skyforge.(

The “the sandbox news” is a blog post that explains the current state of the Sandbox. The blog post also talks about how it’s getting ready to support user built experiences.

The Sandbox, a global voxel empire, has made asset publication accessible to a larger audience. Anyone with a user account may now create and share their own amazing works. This is the start of a process that will result in people creating their own distinctive experiences.

After the upgrade, any talented builder may produce assets using the VoxEdit application and then share them for everyone to view in the game creator gallery. Future improvements will include trade and coin minting.

Beginner builders may follow these five steps to create a brand-new planet of voxelated splendour. Establish an asset on VoxEdit first, then create a Sandbox account, export it, then upload it to the marketplace. Users may then share and distribute their freshly created things inside The Sandbox game builder.

The #metaverse is being unlocked right now! All Sandbox users may now publish their ASSETs on the Marketplace.

— The Sandbox, July 12, 2022 (@TheSandboxGame).

Even though these amazing inventions won’t yet qualify as NFTs, The Sandbox will soon offer the ability to mint and sell these wonderful things inside of its built-in marketplace. By the end of the year, builders will be able to deploy customized experiences to their Sandbox LAND and make them available to the whole public for enjoyment.

Great news for The Sandbox universe, as the powerful metaverse’s full capability is now apparent.

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The “metaverse news website” is a new platform for the Metaverse project. It is a place for users to discuss and build on top of the blockchain. The Sandbox will be ready to support user built experiences in 2019.

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