The sandbox is a new type of NFT that can be staked directly on the Polygon Network. Staking provides an important way to incentivize content creators, while preserving anonymity and fungibility in the process.

The Sandbox Brings Direct Staking to the Polygon Network

The Sandbox, a top-tier virtual environment, has announced a big change to its Polygon staking process. Users may stake mSAND (SAND on the Polygon Network) on the platform right now.

Polygon staking was added to the Sandbox in December, letting users to earn yield by staking mSAND–Matic pairings. However, because to Biconomy’s pioneering work, they may now jump right in and stake the mSAND directly, while still enjoying cutting-edge gasless transactions.

Users must first get their SAND onto Polygon before they can begin. The Sandbox has created a nice bridge that fits neatly in the UI to do this. It does, however, need a fast log in in order to appear. Once the funds are in place, a simple staking technique will ensure that the mSAND earns a nice return.

We’re launching a brand-new staking mechanism that only works with $SAND…

500,000 in SAND prizes every week – open to ALL – on @0xPolygon – Gasless – thru @biconomy

More information may be found at

February 11, 2022 — The Sandbox (@TheSandboxGame)

The Sandbox will give 500k SAND every week as staking incentives for the first 28 days, with a system allowing stakers to collect rewards once every seven days. Following this “honeymoon” phase, the platform’s distribution will be in line with the rest of it.

On the Polygon network, The Sandbox will continue to allow direct staking and mSAND-MATIC pairings. SAND-ETH staking on Ethereum, on the other hand, will be discontinued at the end of February.

Overall, it’s a straightforward and easy method to get more out of the great SAND utility token. Keep an eye on The Sandbox’s Twitter account for more staking news.

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