The Sandbox is a game in development to explore the use of Blockchain Technology. The game will allow players to create their own identities, cities and economies. This announcement signals that more than $6 Million worth of LAND has been sold worldwide since May 25th while over 10 million dollars have been invested into the project by venture capitalists.

The Sandbox Announces Mega City Expansion and LAND Sale

The Sandbox, a virtual world portal, has unveiled its next metaverse growth strategy. Mega City is a vast Hong Kong-themed city.

A number of high-flying Hong-Kong trailblazers from the entertainment, arts, and business areas have collaborated with The Sandbox for the project, each owning large plots of LAND in Mega City and promising to produce a variety of experiences within. Adrian Cheng, Times Capital, Stephen Feng, Shu Qi, Dough Boy, Little Fighter, and Dreamergo are now on board. A diverse mix of remarkable talents representing some of the world’s most brilliant brains today.

Mega City will draw aesthetic inspirations from Hong Kong and its rich culture, portraying itself as the “city of the future” while also taking aesthetic cues from the dynamic locale. So prepare for robots, high-tech adventures, and a lot of chrome.


The Sandbox is organizing a gigantic LAND auction in honor of all things Mega City. Interested parties may get their hands on some excellent metaverse real estate starting at 1pm UTC on January 13th. 95 premium LAND parcels (4683 $SAND), 61 regular plots (1011 $SAND), and 7 estates are up for grabs (auction). Each is also packaged with a fantastic selection of NFTs sponsored by Mega City partners.

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