“VulcanVerse launch” is a new project that combines the sandbox and VulcanVerse to create cross-platform NFTs. The project has been in development for over a year now.

In a recent announcement, the blockchain gaming company Vulcan announced their partnership with the Sandbox to farm NFTs. The move marks a big step for both companies and opens up opportunities previously not available to developers who were only able to build on one platform at a time.


Great things happen when two metaverses clash. To bolster this claim, The Sandbox has teamed up with the Vulcanverse for a one-of-a-kind non-fungible giveaway, allowing fans to harvest special NFTs by staking $PYR-$SAND pairings.

A limited quantity of 400 cross-platform NFTs will be arriving “soon” through the freshly opened VulcanDex. These will be 200 Sand Wizard NFTs that may be used as playable companions in the VulcanVerse, as well as 200 Charon Ferrymen that have been converted for use with The Sandbox.


These fantastic treasures are on a first-come, first-served basis. Participants must first supply liquidity to the VulcanDex by submitting $PYR-$SAND pairs through the platform in order to participate. Then, in the farming pool, stake the resultant Liquidity Provider (LP) token. Participants will be able to claim their farmed NFTs once the event has concluded.

The campaign is expected to begin in November. Keep an eye on the VulcanDex Twitter feed for the official announcement, and make sure you have some $SAND and $PYR tokens in your Polygon wallet!

Prepare for the event by going to the VulcanDex >> Here.


VulcanVerse is a blockchain-based game that lets players create and trade their own collectible digital assets. The sandbox and VulcanVerse combine to farm cross-platform NFTs. Reference: how to play vulcanverse.

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