For the first time ever, NFL fans can exchange digital assets for access to a football game. The experience is designed to take advantage of the latest in blockchain and smart contract technologies.

The “football scores nfl” is a new initiative by the NFL that allows fans to use their digital ticket stubs for access to premium content.


The NFL, the biggest sports league in the United States, has announced the astounding success of its ticket stub program, citing a nearly four-fold increase in interaction with its marketing materials.

The NFL claims that the reaction to its NFT campaign has been “off the charts.” The NFL had seen a typical open rate for a marketing email of around 20% using performance measurements. However, when NFT ticket stubs were taken into consideration, this percentage rose to an astounding 50% to 60%. Then, it peaked at a staggering 75% of all emails during the postseason play-off matches.

The NFL handed out around 250k ticket stubs overall during the regular season, and another 100k for the postseason games. Notably, giving out the NFTs for free as a collector’s item and a thank-you for fan support rather than using the technology as a business move. As a result, season ticket holders and anybody buying a ticket via a sanctioned network were both eligible for the free NFTs.

The NFL will now expand the NFT ticket stub effort to over 100 games in the next season as a result of this very significant finding.


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