The potential for the use of Augmented Reality or AR in education and professional settings is immense, but there are many challenges to be overcome. One such hurdle has been current limitations on what can be done within a linear experience that only exists when the user chooses to put it into motion. Enter the Metaverse Toolkit (MTK), an open-source tool that allows users to create interactive experiences through combining 2D assets and 3D models with camera tracking technology while also providing content creators with cross-platform capability so they never have to compromise quality just because their target audience might not have access to certain technologies like VR headsets.

The “metaverse content creators” is a tool that allows users to create, edit, and publish their own NFTs. The goal of the tool is to provide an easy-to-use platform for content creators.

The new cloud-based studio platform StreamMyScreen from Live CGI, a pioneer in customizable metaverse experiences for streaming, eCommerce, and the blockchain, is now available. The new platform, known as a MaaS (Metaverse as a Service), enables producers to broadcast themselves and their screen whenever and wherever they like. By doing this, they may open up new revenue streams by preserving the most memorable parts of their work as NFTs. 

More precisely, the product is an inexpensive and user-friendly live-streaming solution that content producers may utilize while they go about entertaining their audience. It is a component of the fast developing creator economy, which is valued at a whooping $100 billion.

The platform has a MintMyStream feature that enables content producers, players, and their watching followers to easily access the metaverse during streaming sessions by using hitherto unutilized blockchain-enabling capabilities. They will be able to produce NFTs that capture the most exciting and memorable moments from the streams of their favorite creators, which will subsequently be sold on both the StreamMyScreen Storefront and OpenSea, the biggest NFT marketplace of them all.

Overall, the platform’s characteristics make it the market’s simplest and most cost-effective subscription-based livestreaming consumer offering, allowing artists to “own their stream” by having greater direct control over their content and its monetization. 

Additionally, Live CGI’s patented B2B live-streaming technology, known as Quinstream, is used in the development of StreamMyScreen. Quinstream has been developed and improved over the course of the company’s decades-long experience in broadcast entertainment, B2B virtual production, Unreal Engine game development, and live-streaming technology.

The cost of a premium subscription to the StreamMyScreen service is $9.99 a month, which entitles users to unrestricted use of the service during the month as well as access to other features. Visit the StreamMyScreen website to watch 10 hours of streaming for free before you buy!

Real-time messaging protocols (RTMPs), which are utilized by the most well-known live-streaming social media sites like Twitch, YouTube, and others, are compatible with StreamMyScreen.

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The “copyright metaverse” is a tool for content creators that allows them to create NFTs and store them on the Ethereum blockchain. This is done by using the new copyright standard, which allows creators to automatically transfer their intellectual property rights into the blockchain.

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