There are many different ways to build tokens and we wanted to start with a non-fungible token (NFT) example. This is an episode of the Music NFT Show where our guest, Ariel from Gnosis shares their thoughts on crypto collectibles.

The “nft for music reddit” is a podcast that discusses the latest developments in the crypto space. The show is hosted by NFTs, who’s goal it is to educate listeners about what they should know about the blockchain.

Welcome back to The Music NFT Show’s newest episode! We’re back with Podcast Episode 8 this week! With the amazing J.Thorn, a cutting-edge author, musician, and podcaster who has a finger on the pulse of everything hip in music and NFTs, we are presenting our very first podcast episode.

J. Thorn discusses a range of music news and issues with his gifted daughter Q. Q is the weekly artist showcase presenter, showcasing the hottest and most popular NFTs in music.

Grab your headphones and listen in for some spectacular beats and discussions on the most recent Web3 music developments! Take a look at the summary notes for Episode 8 from this week’s show below, then listen!


NFT Music News

Bolero Music – “Bolero Music is a blockchain-based platform that lets you invest in music through tokens & NFTs, to bring artists and fans closer together. Our philosophy is to democratise blockchain by giving fans skin in the game, as well as creating a new, recurrent revenue stream for creators. We allow artists to generate a new class of income while building a new decentralised membership for their fans.”

Onlymusix – “We wish to provide you with the option to easily and safely complete your NFT projects! You may get in touch with us for suggestions on music, records, or marketing.

Ooh La La – “Ooh La La is a borderless (and free!) music NFT player & aggregator, powered by SpiderVille, with a mission to create a more sustainable & fun environment for artists and fans by improving the experience for music NFTs and onboarding new users.”

spotlight on the artist Q

dustythestampede, mumu thestan, and mikeshinoda’s “space boots”

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Music is by G3ARZ.

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The “thoughts on nfts reddit” is a podcast episode of The Music NFT Show.

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