NFTs are collecting dust on the shelves, but they offer a whole new level of interactivity that could revolutionize not just games, but music as well. One artist is leading the charge with his own crypto game that has players trading in-game assets for real world ones.

The “music nfts” is a podcast that covers the world of NFTs. One episode of the show covered how to use a new decentralized app, called “Music Share”.

The Music NFT Show is back for another round! We’re back with Episode 6 this week! This is our debut podcast program, produced in partnership with J.Thorn, a cutting-edge author, musician, and podcaster who has his finger on the pulse of all things cool in music and NFTs.

J.Thorn talks a range of NFT Music News and subjects with his brilliant daughter Q. The weekly artist spotlight is hosted by Q, who shows you what’s hot and happening in the world of music NFTs.

So put on your headphones and listen in for some spectacular beats and discussions on the newest Web3 music news! Take a look at the summary notes for Episode 4 below, then give it a listen!


NFT Music News

Record labels are burying themselves. TikTok is the name of the shovel. – “It’s not just the music industry; traditional media outlets all around the world are engaged in the same risky game.”

“Mariah Carey has leaped into the realm of NFT art with her debut NFT work, providing the winning bidder the chance to travel with her to New York.”

“The Bay Area singer/songwriter releases new track and discusses his experience releasing songs NFTs,” says Peter Saputo.

Nearly 80% of Artists on Spotify Have Fewer Than 50 Monthly Listens – “Last month, MBW dug around on Spotify’s newly-updated Loud & Clear site to ascertain how many of the 8 million artists on SPOT had released fewer than 10 tracks in their lifetime on the platform. The answer? Over two-thirds, or 67%.”

Defeating FUD

Audius is a free streaming service.

Spinamp is a growing public library of web3 artists and minted music collections that you can browse, curate, share, and listen to.

The Premiere of Proof’s Roundtable Discussion: Derek Edwards Schloss and Maria Shen PROOF Podcast – The Premiere of Proof’s Roundtable Discussion: Derek Edwards Schloss and Maria Shen

Music Chart of the NFT

Top of the Blocks data for this week

  • DJ Dragon’s WVRP #4010 (weekly vol 1.49 ETH)
  • Violetta Zironi’s Moonshot #408 (weekly vol 1.14 ETH)
  • #33 of the EP Overstimulated (weekly vol 1.1 ETH)

Q is the subject of this week’s Artist Spotlight.

Jamee Cornelia’s Arby’s Type Beat

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